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From Friedman to Obama: Controversial Nobel laureates Nobel Prizes have divided public opinion and generated debate ever since their launch in 1901. A External link

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He made fertilizer - and chemical warfare. One of the most contested Nobels ever awarded went to the German scientist Fritz Haber. He won the chemistry prize in 1918 for inventing a method to synthesize ammonia - crucial for producing fertilizers that would revolutionize food production globally....

Continue reading Japan Needs To Wake Up On Terrorism – Analysis External link

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By Scott N. Romaniuk. Geopolitical Monitor Japan appears to be coming out of a long coma of non-violent political action in spite of being caught between domestic political violence and terrorism, and its relationships with Western states battling a seemingly never-ending war against terrorism....

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Conoce las claves del caso del crimen de Asunta Basterra External link

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también es detenido durante el registro de la finca de Teo, propiedad de Rosario Porto. Los investigadores avanzaban en la idea de que podría ser coautor del crimen de su hija. Casi tres meses después y tras levantar el secreto de sumario, el juez del caso José Antonio Vázquez Taín, aseguraba tener.......

Knows the keys to the case of the crime of Asunta basterra

It is also arrested during the registration of the Teo, ownership of Rosario Porto. The researchers progressed in the idea that could be accomplice in the crime of his daughter. Nearly three months later and after lifting the confidentiality of preliminary investigation, the judge in the case José Antonio Vázquez Taín, claimed to have....

Mala praxis: condena civil contra dos hospitales por la muerte de dos hombres Cuando todavía el caso de Guadalupe Codes sigue investigándose, la Justi External link

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Trigger words: [Vomiting] vómitos[2]; [Spain] Córdoba[3]; geo[Córdoba];

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Por Sebastián Salas / @sebasalas_ Mientras la Justicia Penal continúa avanzando en el caso de Guadalupe Codes, la niña víctima de mala praxis en el Hospital Español, dos familias ganaron demandas civiles contra otros dos nosocomios por hechos que terminaron con consecuencias fatales para las víctimas....

Bad practice: Civil condemns against two hospitals by the death of two men when still the case of Guadeloupe Codes follows microscope, Civil justice o

By sebastian boards sebasalas_ while criminal justice continues, in the case of Guadeloupe Codes, the girl victim of bad practice in the spanish Hospital, two families won civil claims against two other nosocomios by events that ended with fatal consequences for the victims.


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