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السنغال تغلق حدودها مع غينيا بسبب فيروس إيبولا External link

Source country aleqt Piatok, 2014, august 22 15:10:00 CEST | info English text... [en] [sk] [other]

Trigger words: [Virus] فيروس[4]; [Senegal] geo[السنغال];

Entities: عبد الله[1];

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اصبحت السنغال أحدث دولة افريقية تفرض قيودا على حركة السفر على خلفية تفشي فيروس إيبولا حيث أغلقت حدودها أمام غينيا المجاورة خشية انتقال الفيروس المميت. ونقلت وكالة الأنباء السنغالية عن وزير الداخلية عبد الله داوودا ديالو قوله إن "هذا الإجراء يسري أيضا على الحدود الجوية والبحرية ، وعلى الطائرات.......

Senegal closes borders with Guinea because of the Ebola virus

Senegal became the latest African countries impose restrictions on movement of travel on the background of the outbreak of Ebola virus, where closed its borders to neighbouring Guinea, fearing the transmission of the deadly virus. News Agency quoted Senegalese interior minister Abdullah Daouda Diallo as saying that "This measure also applied to the border in the air, sea and the planes. ...

السنغال تغلق حدودها والامم المتحدة تحذر من تفشي وباء ايبولا External link

Source country cnbcarabia Piatok, 2014, august 22 14:52:00 CEST | info English text... [en] [sk] [other]

Trigger words: [Virus] فيروس[1]; [Senegal] geo[السنغال];

Entities: David Nabarro[1];

Other categories: Epidémia;

(أ ف ب) – اغلقت السنغال الخميس حدودها مع غينيا بعد اكثر من ثلاثة اشهر على اعادة فتحها لتفادي انتشار وباء ايبولا لديها, مع اعلان منسق الامم المتحدة لفيروس ايبولا عن ضرورة اتخاذ الاجراءات اللازمة لمواجهة هذا الوباء. وياتي قرار السنغال اغلاق حدودها البرية مع غينيا, والذي اعلن عنه وزير الداخلية الخميس,.......

Senegal closes its borders and the United Nations warns of spread of Ebola epidemic

(AFP) - Senegal closed Thursday its borders with Guinea after more than three months to re-opened to prevent the spread of Ebola epidemic has, with the Declaration of the United Nations Coordinator Ebola virus on the need to take the necessary measures to address the epidemic. The decision came Senegal closing the border with Guinea, which was declared by the interior minister Thursday, ....

3  Viral hepatitis

In combination with: India;

India: Ebola: Concerns for India External link

Source country reliefWeb Streda, 2014, august 13 19:24:00 CEST | info [sk] [other]

Source: Institute of Peace and Conflict Studies Country: India N Manoharan Fellow, National Maritime Foundation (NMF), New Delhi Should India be worried about the outbreak of Ebola virus in Western Africa that is more than 9000 km away? Is the situation so alarming? What it Ebola all about? What are.......

全球进入“抗埃”时间 External link

Source country 21dnn Streda, 2014, august 13 7:24:00 CEST | info English text... [en] [sk] [other]

如果回顾一下人类的发展史,实际上人在自然界生存,与疾病的对抗从来就没有停止过。科学家已经在2002年到2006年间,针对乳头瘤病毒研发了防治子宫颈癌的疫苗。但是,还有很多新发现的病毒,以更复杂的形态和繁衍形式存在,挑战人类的智慧和抗病能力,其中西尼罗河病毒、尼帕病毒以及目前肆虐的埃博拉病毒等等,还需要更长的时间才能一一攻克。 最新动态. 中国援助到了. 承载中国政府紧急人道主义援助西非几内亚、利比里亚、塞拉利昂三国总计价值3000万人民币物资的飞机于当地时间11日中午抵达几内亚首都科纳克里。 这是近期中国政府专门向有关西非国家提供的第二批应对埃博拉疫情的紧急援助。本批物资援助重点选供医用防护服.......

"global" against Ethiopia time

If a review of the human development history of the natural survival in fact, the confrontation with the disease has never stopped. Scientists have in the years 2002 to 2006, against papilloma virus research and development in the fight against cervical cancer vaccine. However, there are many new virus, a much more complex patterns and reproduce forms to challenge the wisdom of humankind and disease resistance, the West Nile virus, Park viruses, and the outbreak of Ebola virus, and so on, we need more time to 11 tackled. The latest developments. China' s assistance to the. hosts China' s emergency humanitarian assistance West Guinea, Liberia, Sierra Leone 3 countries totaled 30 million yuan supplies of aircraft at local time on 11th arrived in capital of Guinea Conakry. This is the Chinese government has devoted to the West African countries in the second batch of Ebola outbreak in emergency assistance. This batch of material assistance for selected key medical protection service. . . .


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