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Increasing number of Arabic tourists and patients in the German capital External link

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Top Medicine Made in Berlin. Berlin, 27 January 2015 Since 2004 Berlin and its neighbouring state of Brandenburg have a joint presence as Germany's capital region at this year's Arab Health (Zabel Hall) in Dubai. The German Capital is showing international guests that it has become a trendy,.......

UK Weather: Is Snowmaggedon about to hit the British Isles? External link

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Don’t put those coats away yet (Picture: Giphy) Parts of the UK are preparing for a ‘Snowmageddon’, with several inches of snow and frost expected across the country. Cold weather will sweep across the country throughout Wednesday, with temperatures expected to plunge by as much as 10C to below zero by Thursday morning....

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Investigan el accidente de un F-16 griego que dejó 11 muertos en España External link

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Los investigadores trataban de establecer este martes las causas del accidente de un avión de combate F-16 griego que provocó la muerte de once militares durante un entrenamiento de la OTAN en una base aérea del sureste de España. Según el balance divulgado por el ministerio español de Defensa, el.......

Investigating the accident of an F - 16 greek leaving 11 dead in spain

The researchers sought to establish this Tuesday the causes of the accident of a combat aircraft F - 16 greek that led to the death of 11 during a military training in a nato air base southeast of spain. According to the results released by the spanish ministry of defence, the....

"La masturbación no produce disfunción eréctil" External link

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23 . Buenos días doctor. Puede influir el consumo de marihuana, tabaco, alcohol en el rendimiento sexual, erección? Cuál seria la recomendación para tener erecciones más intensas: ejercicio aeróbico 2/3 veces por semana y ejercicios de kernel? es recomendable practicar todos los dias estos.......

"The masturbación does not produce inoperability eréctil"

23. Good days doctor. Can influence the consumption of marijuana, tobacco, alcohol in the sexual performance, erection? How serious the recommendation to take erecciones more intense: aerobic exercise 2/3 times per week and exercises of kernel? it is advisable to make all the days these....


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