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3  Yellow Fever

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О профилактике желтой лихорадки External link

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Trigger words: [YellowFever] лихорадке[3]; лихорадкой[2]; лихорадки[25]; Желтая[1]; желтой[30]; лихорадка[4]; желтая[1]; [Russia] Российской[5]; Федерация[1]; Российская[1]; Федерации[5]; geo[Российская Федерация];

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Федеральная служба по надзору в сфере защиты прав потребителей и благополучия человека информирует, что в соответствии с положениями Международных медико-санитарных правил (2005 г.) (далее - ММСП (2005 г.)) желтая лихорадка остается единственным заболеванием, требующим проведения вакцинации при.......

On the prevention of yellow fever

The federal service for supervision in consumer protection and welfare informs that in accordance with the provisions of the international health regulations (2005) (hereinafter the ihr (2005)) yellow fever remains the only disease which requires vaccination in....

Список стран, эндемичных по желтой лихорадке, при выезде в которые каждому путешественнику рекомендуется проведение вакцинации против желтой лихорадки External link

Source country rospotrebnadzor-Tomsk-Oblast Piatok, 2014, november 28 7:07:00 CET | info English text... [en] [sk] [other]

Trigger words: [YellowFever] лихорадке[2]; лихорадки[2]; желтой[4]; [Russia] source[RU]

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(c) Управление Федеральной службы по надзору в сфере защиты прав потребителей и благополучия человека по Томской области, 2006-2014 г. Разработка и - FMF продвижение сайта Адрес: 634021, город Томск, проспект Фрунзе, 103а....

The list of countries plague-endemic on yellow fever, when departing in which each traveler consigliati vaccination against yellow fever

(c) the office of the federal service for supervision in consumer protection and welfare in the tomsk region, 2006 - 2014. The development and - fmf-certified надежно website address: 634021, the city of tomsk, ïðîñïåêò frunză, 061a.

3  Zvracanie

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女子与两男性友人拼酒醉倒不省人事遭两男性侵 External link

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Trigger words: [Vomiting] 呕吐[2]; [China] source[CN]

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一名少女和两位男性友人拼酒,比谁的酒量好,结果少女禁不起嘲讽,一口气干掉了一罐200毫升的威士忌,顿时不省人事,遭两男“捡尸”带到宾馆性侵得逞。 医师何一成表示,“酒精的协同作用会刺激胃呕吐,很容易阻塞呼吸道,造成死亡。”医师说,每个人每天纯酒精的摄取安全值为20到40毫升之间,换算下来相当于80毫升的威士忌、200毫升的红酒或是两罐360毫升的啤酒。 一旦超量,100毫升的血液里酒精浓度就会超出安全范围,若100毫升血液含有0.1克的酒精,就会出现晕眩症状,酒精含量达到0.2克则会出现呕吐反应,一旦高达0.4克就可能中毒。提醒民众,喝酒还是适量就好,否则拼一口气牛饮,小心惹祸上身。 【一点就知道:知身边事;一点就找到:找到你所在的城市最好吃最好玩的。】 壹点 在你身边,欢迎下载体验....

woman and two pieces drunk friends men fell unconscious by the two men

A girl and two male friends to liquor, who the liquor, the girls could not stand the ridicule of, a sigh of relief kill a tank 200 ml of whisky, suddenly became unconscious by the two men "picking body" to the hotel of succeed. A doctor said, "the synergy alcohol will stimulate stomach vomiting, it is easy to block the respiratory tract, resulting in death. "Doctors said that each individual daily pure alcohol intake security value of 20 to 40 ml, conversion down equivalent to 80 mL of whisky, 200 ml of wine or two cans 360 mL of beer. Once excess of 100 ml of blood alcohol concentration on beyond the Security Council, if it contains 100 ml of blood. 1 grams of alcohol, there will be dizziness symptoms, alcohol to 0. 2 grams will occur vomiting, once as high as 0. 4 G may poisoning. reminding people to drink wine or moderate, otherwise a sigh of relief to gulp, carefully getting himself into trouble. Election of that information with them; it is found to find you the best city in the best players in the food. -- It is at your side, Welcome download experience.

11岁男孩脑中取出活虫子 常吃烧烤麻辣烫(图) External link

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Trigger words: [Vomiting] 呕吐[2]; [China] geo[新华];geo[安家];

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■ 小孩脑部发现的白色条状虫体 杨新 摄. 头痛、四肢抽搐、口唇青紫、意识丧失是什么让11岁男孩小何频发“癫痫”?开颅手术之后,真相大白,始作俑者竟然是一条不知何时“游”进他大脑里的虫子!而类似悲剧并非个例。昨天,新华医院小儿神经外科主任、中华医学会小儿神经外科学组组长马杰致电本报,呼吁市民不要生吃或半生吃蛙、蛇、禽、猪等动物的肉类,以防寄生虫“上头”。 . 脑中取出活的虫子. 新华医院小儿神经外科主任马杰以及该科医生赵阳告诉记者,11月12日,新华医院收治了一名专程从安徽省天长市来沪求医的11岁男孩,男孩姓何,病情严重。平日一直有头痛、抽搐毛病,最近一次抽筋,意识丧失,四肢抽搐,双眼上翻,口.......

The 11 years of age, remove boys often eat live insects barbecue spicy hot (MAP)

■ children found in the brain white strip bug sports Yang new video. headache, four limbs convulsion, lips and bruised, awareness loss what to 11 years of age boys small what frequency "epilepsy"? The skull after the surgery, know the truth, initiator was a "when you do not know his brain," the insects. In a similar tragedy is not an example. Yesterday, the new Hospital pediatric neurosurgery China, Chinese Medical Association director pediatric neurosurgery group Ma Jie call, and urged the public not to eat raw or half a lifetime frog, snake, poultry, animals, meat pigs to prevent parasite "above". . The brain removed live insects. new china Hospital pediatric neurosurgery Director Ma Jie and the doctors Zhao Yang told reporters that November 12, the new China hospital receiving treatment one came from Anhui long city to Shanghai for treatment of the 11 men and boys of Ho in serious condition. Normally, a headache is convulsion illnesses, the latest cramps, lost consciousness, convulsion 4 limbs, eyes turned on, i. . . .


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