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3  Typhoid Fever

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Olympic athletes expected to swim in Rio waters awash in feces, test finds External link

Source country TorontoStar Štvrtok, 2015, júl 30 18:11:00 CEST | info [sk] [other]

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Entities: Marina da Glória[1]; Rodrigo de Freitas[1];

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Silvia Izquierdo / AP. Members of Austria's Olympic sailing team train in the Rio de Janeiro municipality Niteroi, Brazil. "This is by far the worst water quality we've ever seen in our sailing careers," said Austria's coach Ivan Bulaja. The Austrian sailors take precautions, washing their faces.......

‘What you have there is basically raw sewage': Water venues for Rio 2016 Olympics contain dangerous levels of viruses, bacteria from human feces External link

Source country edmontonjournal Štvrtok, 2015, júl 30 15:51:00 CEST | info [sk] [other]

Trigger words: [TyphoidFever] typhoid[2]; infection[3]; infections[1]; [USA] geo[Ivan];geo[Houston];geo[August];

Entities: World Health Organization[2]; Luiz Fernando Pezão[1]; Marina da Glória[3]; Eduardo Paes[1]; Luiz Fernando[1]; Rodrigo de Freitas[3];

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Luiz Fernando Pezão acknowledged: “there’s not going to be time”

Despite decades of official pledges to clean up the mess, the stench of raw sewage still greets travellers touching down at Rio’s international airport. Prime beaches are deserted because the surf is thick with putrid sludge, and periodic die-offs leave the Olympic lake, Rodrigo de Freitas, littered with rotting fish....

3  Travel Health

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Switzerland: Humanitarian Internship (Ref. CHEG359) External link

Source country reliefWeb Štvrtok, 2015, júl 30 19:18:00 CEST | info [sk] [other]

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The UK Mission to the United Nations in Geneva represents the interests and policies of the UK at the UN and is recruiting a highly motivated and skilled person to do an internship with the Mission’s Humanitarian team. Main Duties / Responsibilities. The internship will offer a unique opportunity to.......

Parte con il suo padrone per Londra il primo gatto con passaporto External link

Source country IlGazzettino Štvrtok, 2015, júl 30 18:06:00 CEST | info English text... [en] [sk] [other]

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di Cristina Antonutti PORDENONE - È intestato a Spartaco, un bel persiano nero, il primo passaporto europeo per animali da compagnia rilasciato a un gatto della provincia di Pordenone. Il documento - con tanto di fototessera - consentirà al proprietario di portare Spartaco in vacanza all’ estero . In questo caso in Inghilterra....

Part with his boss for London the first cat with passport

By Cristina Antonutti PORDENONE - is the name of spartacus, a persian black, the first european passport issued In pet cat In the province of PORDENONE. The document - with a passport photo - will allow the owner of lagopede spartacus on holiday abroad. Here In england.


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