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IOC president Thomas Bach says no countries considering pulling out of Olympics in Rio de Janeiro External link

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Thomas Bach said: "There is no intention by (any) national Olympic committee to pull out from the Rio Olympic Games," "This does not exclude that we are taking this situation very seriously"

Thomas Bach said: "We have full confidence in all the many actions being undertaken by the Brazilian and international authorities and health organizations," "We're also very confident that the athletes and the spectators will enjoy safe conditions in Rio de Janeiro"

Thomas Bach said (about World Health Organization) : "The World Health Organization has not issued a travel ban," "All the experts agree that the temperatures in the Brazilian winter time when the games are taking place in August ... will lead to a very different situation"

Thomas Bach said: "These games are a great opportunity for Lillehammer and Norway to refresh, modernize a great legacy the Lillehammer Olympic Games have left here,"

LILLEHAMMER, Norway IOC President Thomas Bach said Friday that no countries intend to pull out of the Olympics in Rio de Janeiro over concerns about the Zika virus. Bach, speaking ahead of the opening ceremony of the Winter Youth Olympics in Lillehammer, said he has "full confidence" in the actions.......

Zika test is near but vaccine is not, WHO says External link

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Marie-Paule Kieny said: “It is important to point out, however, that none of these tests have been independently validated and none have regulatory approval,”

Marie-Paule Kieny acknowledged: “relatively poor knowledge of the Zika virus”

Marie-Paule Kieny asked: “Can you treat a fetus in the womb, in the mother, and try to eliminate the virus?” “At which stage can you do it? These are all questions that are not resolved at the moment”

LONDON Scientists are “weeks, not years” from developing a test for the fast-spreading Zika virus, but large-scale clinical trials for a potential vaccine are at least 18 months away, the World Health Organization announced Friday. The WHO declared Zika a global public health emergency on Feb. 1, only the fourth time it had raised such an alert....

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Vacina BCG começa a ser distribuída mas será só para algumas crianças External link

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A vacina BCG, em falta desde Março de 2015, vai começar esta sexta-feira a ser distribuída pelas Administrações Regionais de Saúde (ARS) e pelas Regiões Autónomas (RA) dos Açores e da Madeira, mas só vai ser distribuida a algumas crianças. É o que garante a Direcção-geral da Saúde (DGS)....

Bcg vaccine begins to be distributed but only for some children

The BCG vaccine, missing since March 2015, will begin this Friday to be distributed by regional governments health (ARS) and the autonomous regions (RA) of the azores and Madeira, but will only be distributed to some children. This is what ensures the directorate-general for health (DGS).

Vacina BCG começa hoje a ser distribuída External link

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Uma falha de produção do laboratório que fabrica a BCG (contra a tuberculose) para a Europa esteve na origem dos problemas de fornecimento da vacina em Portugal, que começaram em março do ano passado. Segundo uma nota oficial do Ministério da Saúde, a distribuição das vacinas pelas ARS e pelas.......

Bcg vaccine to be distributed begins today

The failure of production of the laboratory that manufactures the BCG (against tuberculosis) for europe was the source of the problems of supply of the vaccine in Portugal, which started in March last year. According to a note official of the ministry of health, the distribution of vaccines by ARS and....


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