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3  tropical medicine

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Resistance to Malaria Drugs Widespread in Southeast Asia, Could Reach Africa External link

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Resistance to Malaria Drugs Has Spread in SE Asia WASHINGTON November 12, 2013 (AP) By MATTHEW PENNINGTON Associated Press International experts raised the alarm Tuesday over the spread of drug-resistant malaria in several Southeast Asian countries, saying it endangers major global gains in.......

Formation sur le VIH/sida External link

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Un séminaire de formation féminine sur la prévention du VIH/sida a été organisé du 14 au 16 juillet au Centre de développement de l'Union des femmes lao, dans le quartier Phonthanh, à Vientiane. C'était l'un des quatre programmes de formation mis en œuvre en RDP Lao par l'ONG française Asie Horizon.......

Training on hiv/aids

A training seminar féminine on prevention of hiv/aids was held from 14 to 16 July at the Centre of development of the Union of Lao women in the neighbourhood Phonthanh, in Vientiane. It was one of the four training programmes implemented in Lao lao people by the french ngo asia Horizon....

3  Braken (lichaamsfunctie)

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El brote de Ébola, país por país External link

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Brima Kargbo dijo: «Es una gran e irreparable pérdida para Sierra Leona ya que era el único especialista del país en fiebres hemorrágicas virales»

Los anteriores brotes de Ébola habían afectado a países del Este o centro de África (Uganda, Congo, Sudán y Gabón), pero en 2013 el virus llegó por primera vez al África occidental. Después de descartar su propagación por Malí, el virus se ha dispersado por Guinea, Sierra Leona y Liberia....

The outbreak of ebola, by country

The previous outbreaks of ebola had affected countries of east and central africa (Uganda, Congo, Sudan and Gabon), but in 2013 the virus came for the first time to west africa. After discarding their spread by Mali, the virus has been dispersed by Guinea, Sierra Leone and Liberia.

香港赴非游玩发烧女子排除感染埃博拉病毒 External link

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根据香港媒体的报道,一名之前在东非肯尼亚游玩的女子,本周一回到香港以后出现发烧、头晕及呕吐,由于症状与埃博拉病毒早期症状类似,所以医院方面,立即把患者隔离治疗。目前埃博拉病毒正在肆虐西非多个国家,迄今已经造成近七百人死亡,所以这名女子出现类似的情况让人非常担心。不过,根据香港南华早报消息,昨天下午,从收治病人的香港伊丽莎白医院传出消息说,这名女子埃博拉病毒呈阴性反应,也就是说她并没有感染埃博拉病毒,但是由于埃博拉病毒有潜伏期,所以这名女子还继续会留院的隔离观察治疗。 香港食物与卫生局局长高永文表示说,昨天上午他们已经就这个疫情召开紧急的会议,香港卫生防护中心及医管局最晚今天会公布相关的防御措施.......

Hong Kong to play fever not exclude women infected with Ebola virus

In accordance with the Hong Kong media reports, one in eastern Kenya play the woman, this week to return to Hong Kong has a fever, dizziness and vomiting, the symptoms and the Ebola virus early symptoms similar to the hospital, to the patients isolation and treatment. The Ebola virus is ravaging West African States that have been caused by nearly 700 people were killed, therefore, the woman was a similar situation to be very worried. However, in accordance with the South China Morning Post, yesterday afternoon, the income of patients in Hong Kong Elizabeth Hospital announced the news that the woman Ebola virus negative response and that she did not infected with Ebola virus, but the Ebola virus the incubation period, the woman also continued to be admitted to hospital isolation. The food and health service high wing, said yesterday morning, they have on the epidemic convened an emergency meeting, the Hong Kong center for health protection and the HA later today will publish relevant defense measures. . . .

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