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Canadian has first H7N9 case in North America External link

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Canadian officials announced today that a British Columbia resident who recently returned from China is recovering from an H7N9 avian flu infection, marking the first known case in North America. In a statement, the Public Health Agency of Canada (PHAC) said the risk to others is very low, because.......

Public Health Notice Update: H7N9 avian flu External link

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Why you should take note. OTTAWA Jan. 26, 2015 /CNW/ - Since the first notification at the end of March 2013 China has been reporting to the World Health Organization (WHO) confirmed cases of a type of avian influenza virus in humans identified as A(H7N9). Most cases develop severe pneumonia and breathing difficulties with some resulting in death....

3  Swine Flu

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Reportan 25 muertes por influenza en temporada invernal External link

Source country eluniversal-MX It-Tnejn, 26 ta’ Jannar 2015 20:09:00 CET | info English text... [en] [mt] [other]

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La Secretaría de salud informó que se han registrado mil 713 casos de influenza, de los cuales mil 53 fueron por H3N2, 521 por el virus tipo B, 2 por H1N1 y 137 de otros tipos En la presente temporada invernal han fallecido 25 personas por influenza , en donde el 92 por ciento no se encontraba vacunado, informó la Secretaría de Salud (SSA)....

Bring 25 deaths in influenza winter season

The department of health reported that there have been 1 713 cases of influenza, which thousand 53 were by H3N2, 521 by the virus type B, 2 by H1N1 and 137 of other types in this winter season 25 people have died of influenza, where 92 per cent was not vaccinated, informed the secretariat of health (SSA).

El 2015 será un año de intensas campañas de vacunación External link

Source country misionesonline It-Tnejn, 26 ta’ Jannar 2015 16:55:00 CET | info English text... [en] [mt] [other]

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Entities: World Health Organization[2]; Juan Manzur[1]; Ministerio de Salud Pública[3];

Other categories: Chickenpox; Gastroenteric Syndrome; Food; Rotavirus; Rash Syndrome; H3N2 novel strain; Vaccination;

Se sigue vacunando en Misiones contra el Rotavirus y en abril se comenzará con la Antigripal. Para este año se prevé además la vacunación contra la varicela a partir de septiembre. Ya se planifica las campañas de vacunación en las escuelas. El Ministerio de Salud Pública intensifica las distintas.......

2015 will be a year of intense vaccination campaigns

It follows vaccinating in missions against Rotavirus and in April, we shall begin with the Antigripal. For this year, it also provides for vaccination against the chickenpox from September. Is already planning the vaccination campaigns in schools. The ministry of public health intensifies the different....


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