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3  tropical medicine

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أول لقاح لعلاج إيبولا يصل أفريقيا العام المقبل External link

Source country aljazeera Il-Ġimgħa, 24 ta’ Ottubru 2014 20:42:00 CEST | info English text... [en] [mt] [other]

Trigger words: [tropicalmedicine] الطب الاستوائي[1]; [Switzerland] جنيف[1]; سويسرا[1]; geo[جنيف];

Other categories: WHO; Clinical trial;

أعلنت منظمة الصحة العالمية أنه من المقرر إرسال مئات آلاف الجرعات من لقاحات مضادة لإيبولا إلى أفريقيا العام القادم، موضحة أن التجارب على اللقاحات بأفريقيا يمكن أن تبدأ خلال شهرين....

The first a vaccine against Ebola to Africa next year

The World Health Organization declared that it is planned to send hundreds of thousands of doses of vaccines to Ebola to Africa next year, explaining that the testing of vaccines in Africa could start within two months.

200,000 Vaccine Doses Could Be Ready By 2015, WHO Says External link

Source country ibtimes Il-Ġimgħa, 24 ta’ Ottubru 2014 16:22:00 CEST | info [mt] [other]

Trigger words: [tropicalmedicine] Tropical Medicine[1]; [Switzerland] Geneva[1]; geo[Geneva];

Entities: Marie-Paule Kieny[1]; Adrian Hill[1];

Other categories: WHO; Ebola Hemorrhagic Fever; Vaccination;

Professor Adrian Hill, Director of the Jenner Institute, holds a phial containing an Ebola vaccine at the Oxford Vaccine Group Centre for Clinical Vaccinology and Tropical Medicine in Oxford, southern England, Sept. 17, 2014. The first volunteer in a fast-tracked British safety trial of an.......

3  Warfare

In combination with: Repubblika Għarbija tas-Sirja;

Uso di gas cloro da parte dell'Isis, Kerry: "Stiamo indagando" External link

Source country news-yahoo-it Il-Ġimgħa, 24 ta’ Ottubru 2014 21:04:00 CEST | info English text... [en] [mt] [other]

Trigger words: [Warfare] armi chimiche[2]; arma chimica[2]; [Syria] Siria[1]; geo[Siria];

Entities: John Kerry[1];

Other categories: Chemical threats;

New York, 24 ott. (TMNews) - Gli Stati Uniti stanno indagando sulla possibilità che gli estremisti dell'Isis abbiano usato gas cloro in un attacco del 15 settembre scorso contro le forze di sicurezza irachene a nord di Baghdad, avvelenando undici poliziotti....

Use of gas chloro by the Isis, Kerry: "we are investigating"

New York 24Oct( TMNews) - the United States is also investigating the possibility that the extremists of Isis abbiano usato chlorine gas in an attack on 15 September against the iraqi security forces north of Baghdad, poisoning eleven policemen.

Munster: Wo Deutschland Syriens Giftgas verbrennt External link

Source country BerlinMorgenpost Il-Ġimgħa, 24 ta’ Ottubru 2014 19:36:00 CEST | info English text... [en] [mt] [other]

Trigger words: [Warfare] chemische[3]; chemisch[2]; Waffe[2]; Chemiker[1]; chemischer[1]; Chemiewaffen[1]; Chemiewaffenkonvention[1]; Waffen[3]; chemischen[1]; Chemikanten[1]; [Syria] Syrien[2]; geo[Syrien];

Entities: Cape Ray[1];

Other categories: Mustard gas; Chemical threats; OPCW; Nerve agents;

Bei der Geka im niedersächsischen Munster werden die Reste der chemischen Kampfstoffe und kontaminierte Schutzausrüstung aus Syrien entsorgt. Es ist die einzige Einrichtung in Deutschland....

Munster: where germany syria's poison gas burns

In the Geka in niedersächsischen Munster, the traces of the chemical warfare (cw) agents and contaminated protective equipment from syria. It is the only body in germany.


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