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3  Sleeping Sickness

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The man who explored the brain’s quirks External link

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With his absorbing and accessible yet profound accounts of neurological cases and conditions, Oliver Sacks, who has died aged 82, brought the clinical science of the brain to life for countless readers. Although his first book, Migraine (1970), marked a relatively conventional beginning, Sacks’s.......

Ein Abenteurer und Entdecker External link

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Trigger words: [SleepingSickness] Schlafkrankheit[1]; [UnitedKingdom] Oxford[1]; Birmingham[1]; London[1]; geo[London];geo[Birmingham];

Entities: Albert Einstein[1]; Albert Einstein College[1]; Robin Williams[1]; Robert De Niro[1];

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Es gibt vermutlich nichts, was die Neugier dieses Mannes nicht herausgefordert hätte. Selbst seine eigene Krankheit, sein Sterben beobachtete er auf eine Art und Weise, die wenigen Menschen gegeben ist. Als Oliver Sacks im Januar erfuhr, dass sein Krebs Metastasen in der Leber gebildet hatte und.......

A adventurers and explorers

There is probably nothing that this man is not challenged the curiosity. Even its own illness, be observed he die in a way that few people. As Oliver sack in January was told that his cancer had formed Metastasen in the liver and....

3  STD

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Some Quebec schools to start a 'no exemptions' sex ed pilot project External link

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QUEBEC - Education on sexual matters is too important to be optional, according to Quebec's ministry of education. The province is rolling out a new pilot project in which sex education, like French and Mathematics, will soon become mandatory for all students from kindergarten to the last year of.......

Las consecuencias del sexo entre mujeres External link

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Trigger words: [STD] Infecciones de Transmisión Sexual[2]; enfermedades de transmisión sexual[2]; Sexual[3]; transmitirse[2]; Transmisión[2]; sexual[15]; enfermedades[3]; sexuales[7]; transmisión[10]; [Canada] geo[Canadá];

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Como toda relación sexual, el encuentro erótico entre mujeres tiene sus consecuencias, estudios y análisis han demostrado que el 11 por ciento de las féminas que tiene sexo no se cuidan. La falsa creencia de que cuando se practica sexo lésbico no hay necesidad de cuidarse....

The consequences of sex among women

As any sexual relationship, the erotic meeting between women has its consequences, studies and analyses have shown that the 11 per cent of the féminas which has sex is not caring. The false belief that when practised sex lésbico there is no need of care.


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