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3  radnucTheft

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Islamic State Nuclear Weapons? Russian Smugglers Tried To Sell Radioactive Cesium To ISIS External link

Source country ibtimes-mx Trečiadienis, 2015, Spalio 7 17.36.00 CEST | info [lt] [other]

Trigger words: [Ukraine] Ukrainian[1]; Ukraine[4]; geo[Ukraine]; [radnucTheft] (theft)Smugglers[1]; smugglers[2]; (radnuc)nuclear material[3]; detectors[1]; nuclear materials[1];

Entities: Matthew Bunn[1];

Other categories: Radiolog material; Radiological threats;

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Matthew Bunn says: "In the age of the Islamic State, it's especially terrifying to have real smugglers of nuclear bomb material apparently making connections with real buyers,"

Members of the Islamic State militant group with links to Russian gangs have since early this year been attempting to get hold of nuclear material in order to build a radioactive dirty bomb before Moldovan police and FBI operatives stopped the deal, according to an investigation reported Wednesday by the Associated Press....

Nieuw bewijs dat Islamitische Staat kernbom wil Newsmonkey External link

Source country msn-nl Trečiadienis, 2015, Spalio 7 14.08.00 CEST | info [en] [lt] [other]

Trigger words: [Ukraine] Oekraïne[1]; geo[Oekraïne]; [radnucTheft] (theft)gestolen[1]; smokkel[1]; thefts[1]; misdaad[2]; (Plutonium)plutonium[2];

Other categories: Nuclear trafficking; Radiological threats;

© Aangeboden door Newsmonkey. Oost-Europese smokkelaars met Russische connecties hebben meerdere malen geprobeerd nucleair materiaal te verkopen aan terroristen van IS en andere jihadisten. In februari van dit jaar probeerden smokkelaars nog een grote voorraad Cesium-137 voor 2,5 miljoen euro aan strijders van IS te verkopen....

3  White Powder

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Santander HQ evacuated after white powder sent to executives External link

Source country telegraph Trečiadienis, 2015, Spalio 7 01.09.00 CEST | info [lt] [other]

Trigger words: [WhitePowder] envelopes[2]; white powder[1]; [Spain] Santander[2]; geo[Santander];

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Twelve employees who handled the envelopes were being kept under medical observation, bank says Santander did not specify which executives the envelopes had been addressed to, only saying they were for members of its management team Photo: Getty....

BRIEF-Santander launches security alert over suspicious envelopes External link

Source country reuters Antradienis, 2015, Spalio 6 20.26.00 CEST | info [lt] [other]

Trigger words: [WhitePowder] suspicious[4]; alerted[1]; envelopes[5]; alert[1]; white powder[1]; [Spain] Spain[1]; Madrid[1]; Santander[2]; geo[Santander];geo[Boadilla del Monte];geo[Madrid];

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Oct 6 Spain's Santander * Says has activated security protocol at Madrid headquarters in Boadilla del Monte after receiving suspicious envelopes containing white powder * Says suspicious envelopes were addressed to members of Santander's management team * Says specialist units of Spanish Civil Guard.......


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