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3  Tuberkulózis

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TB or not TB: Farmers could buy 34 calves for cost of killing just one badger External link

Source country express 2015. szeptember 3. 15:19:00 CEST | info [hu] [other]

Trigger words: [Tuberculosis] tuberculosis[1]; increase[1]; TB[8]; [UnitedKingdom] England[5]; geo[Gloucestershire];geo[Dorset];

Entities: Brian May[1]; Owen Paterson[1];

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Getty Stuart Winter Farmers could buy 34 calves for every badger culled Taxpayers have forked out 6,775 for every badger shot during the pilot culls carried out in the West Country as part of the war on bovine tuberculosis. The Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs (Defra) revealed the.......

Scottish scientists develop 'Project Sanitarium,' a video game that raises awareness about tuberculosis and lets player battle it External link

Source country ibtimes-au 2015. szeptember 2. 7:14:00 CEST | info [hu] [other]

Trigger words: [Tuberculosis] tuberculosis[5]; let[1]; [UnitedKingdom] geo[Scotland];

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A unique collaboration between the researchers from Abertay University and St Andrews University in Scotland has produced a video game that lets players tackle tuberculosis on a global scale. Through game called Project Sanitarium, the researchers aim to raise awareness about the world's oldest infectious disease....

3  Tropical diseases

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Compte rendu du conseil des ministres du 02 septembre 2015 External link

Source country fasopresse 2015. szeptember 3. 17:49:00 CEST | info English text... [en] [hu] [other]

Trigger words: [Tropicaldiseases] maladies[2]; tropicales[2]; [Nigeria] Nigeria[2]; Abuja[2]; geo[Nigeria];

Entities: Halidou Ouédraogo[1]; Michel Kafando[1]; Mamadou Koulibaly[1];

Other categories: Nuclear safety; Malaria;

Le Conseil des ministres s’est tenu à Fada, le mercredi 02 septembre 2015, en séance ordinaire, de 9 H 00 mn à 19 H 00 mn,sous la présidence de Son Excellence Monsieur Michel KAFANDO,Président de la Transition, Président du Faso, Président du Conseil des ministres....

Minutes of the council of ministers of 02 September 2015

The council of ministers was held to Fada, Wednesday 02 September 2015, in ordinary session, 9 H 00 mn at 19.00 mn, under the chairmanship of his excellency Mr Michel Kafando, president of the Transition, president of Faso, president of the council of ministers.

Sanità: Morrone (Ime), intensificati rapporti con Siria e altri Paesi External link

Source country adnkronos 2015. szeptember 3. 14:16:00 CEST | info English text... [en] [hu] [other]

Trigger words: [Tropicaldiseases] malattia[1]; tropicale[1]; [Nigeria] Nigeria[2]; geo[Nigeria];

Entities: Aldo Morrone[1];

Other categories: Filariasis;

Pubblicato il: 03/09/2015 13:49. "Abbiamo intensificato i rapporti con Paesi come Siria, Libano, Nigeria, Etiopia, Iran , sia per trasferire il know how e formare più operatori sanitari e medici possibili, in modo che possano trattare i pazienti in loco, sia per organizzare i viaggi e trasportare.......

Health: Morrone (emi), intensified relations with syria and other countries

Published on: 03/09/2015 13:49. "We have intensified relations with countries such as syria, Lebanon, Nigeria, Ethiopia, Iran, is to transfer know-how and train more health workers and doctors as possible so that they can treat patients there, and for the travel arrangements and transport....


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