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3  Xylella fastidiosa

In combination with: Italie; Belgique;

Xylella: la Regione Basilicata si mobilita per prevenirne la diffusione External link

Source country 247libero mardi 7 juillet 2015 17 h 01 CEST | info English text... [en] [fr] [other]

Mots-clés [XylellaFastidiosa-PHT] Xylella fastidiosa[1]; [Italy] Basilicata[3]; Puglia[1]; geo[Rapolla];geo[Matera];geo[Puglia];

Autres catégories:

Nella sede della Regione Basilicata a Matera si è tenuto u n incontro tecnico di approfondimento dedicato alla Xylella fastidiosa, la grave patologia che sta interessando gli ulivi della Puglia. Presenti, oltre ai funzionari e ricercatori del dipartimento regionale Politiche agricole,.......

Xylella: the region Basilicata it mobilises in order to prevent the spread

In the centre of a region Basilicata Matera held u n technical meeting of deepening devoted to Xylella fastidiosa, severe illness taking place on the olive trees Puglia. Presenti officials and researchers from the department of regional agricultural policies,....

Xylella, eliminate 45 piante infette nel focolaio di Oria per contenere il rischio di avanzamento del batterio a nord External link

Source country protezionecivile mardi 7 juillet 2015 15 h 41 CEST | info English text... [en] [fr] [other]

Mots-clés [XylellaFastidiosa-PHT] Xylella fastidiosa[1]; [Italy] geo[Oria];

Autres catégories:

7 luglio 2015 Il Commissario di Protezione civile per l’emergenza Xylella, Giuseppe Silletti, rende noto che questa mattina, al fine di contenere il rischio di avanzamento del batterio a nord della zona colpita, sono stati effettuati gli abbattimenti di 45 piante infette d’ulivo del focolaio di Oria....

Xylella, eliminated 45 infected plants in outbreak of Oria to contain the risk of progress of the bacterium north

7 July 2015 the commissioner for civil protection l'emergenza Xylella, Giuseppe Silletti, hereby gives notice that this morning, in order to reduce the risk of advancement of the bacterium north of the affected area were planted culling of 45° infected plants of olive Oria hotspot.

3  West Nile Disease

In combination with: États-Unis;

Lush conditions fuel Colorado increase in rabbit fever External link

Source country news-yahoo-in mardi 7 juillet 2015 15 h 51 CEST | info [fr] [other]

Mots-clés [WestNileDisease] West Nile[1]; increase[2]; suspected[1]; outbreaks[1]; West Nile virus[1]; [USA] geo[DENVER];geo[Monument];geo[Colorado];

Autres catégories: Tularémie; Hanta Fever; Hantavirus; West Nile virus; Lagomorpha; Environment; Feed; Viruses;

DENVER (AP) — Fed by unusually lush vegetation, rabbits have been breeding like rabbits around Colorado, increasing the risk for what normally is a relatively rare bacterial disease in the state. Fifteen people have contracted tularemia, or rabbit fever, so far this year — just five fewer than in record-setting 1983....

NIH-sponsored clinical trial evaluates new investigational vaccine against West Nile Virus infection External link

Source country newsmedical mardi 7 juillet 2015 11 h 26 CEST | info [fr] [other]

Mots-clés [WestNileDisease] West Nile[6]; meningitis[1]; encephalitis[1]; West Nile Virus[6]; show[1]; WNV[8]; [USA] United States[4]; geo[Portland];geo[Oregon];geo[Institute];geo[Durham];

Entités: Anthony S Fauci[1];

Autres catégories: vaccination; Maladie infectieuse; Encéphalite; Nutrition Allergens; Vaccination Adverse Effects;

A clinical trial of a new investigational vaccine designed to protect against West Nile Virus infection will be sponsored by the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases (NIAID), part of the National Institutes of Health. The experimental vaccine was discovered and developed by.......


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