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3  White Powder

In combination with: Australie;

Emergency services called to Indonesian consulates in Sydney, Melbourne and Perth after unidentified white powder is discovered in envelopes External link

Source country dailymail mercredi 27 mai 2015 17 h 03 CEST | info [fr] [other]

Mots-clés [WhitePowder] incidents[1]; suspicious[1]; Emergency[1]; envelopes[1]; white powder[2]; incident[1]; [Australia] Australian[2]; Canberra[1]; Australia[3]; Melbourne[6]; Sydney[7]; geo[Perth];geo[Canberra];geo[Sydney];geo[Darwin];geo[Melbourne];

Entités: Andrew Chan[2]; Myuran Sukumaran[2];

Autres catégories:

Substance at Perth and Melbourne locations were deemed non-hazardous; Powder found in Sydney consulate was taken away for further testing; Australian Federal Police are still investigating all three incidents Indonesian consulates in Australia were also targeted before and after the executions of Bali Nine Andrew Chan and Myuran Sukumaran....

White powder scrare at Indonesian embassy External link

Source country smh mercredi 27 mai 2015 14 h 44 CEST | info [fr] [other]

Mots-clés [WhitePowder] incidents[1]; suspicious[3]; Emergency[1]; threatening[1]; attacks[1]; White powder[1]; white powder[4]; [Australia] Canberra[1]; Melbourne[4]; Sydney[3]; geo[Perth];geo[Canberra];geo[Sydney];geo[Melbourne];

Entités: Andrew Chan[1]; Myuran Sukumaran[1];

Autres catégories:

Indonesian consulates in three cities, including Melbourne, have been locked down after receiving packages containing white powder. Emergency services evacuated the Indonesian Consulate General on Queens Road after a staff member reported a suspicious envelope about 4.30pm....

3  Virus - GMO

In combination with: Royaume-Uni; États-Unis; Afrique Du Sud; Roumanie; Canada;

فيروس معدل وراثيًا لعلاج سرطان الجلد External link

Source country alquds-uk mercredi 27 mai 2015 23 h 22 CEST | info English text... [en] [fr] [other]

Mots-clés [Virus-GMO] وراثيا[4]; فيروس معدل وراثيا[2]; معدل[3]; فيروس[3]; [UnitedKingdom] لندن[3]; المملكة المتحدة[2]; geo[المملكة المتحدة];

Autres catégories: Essai clinique; Virus;

لندن ـ الأناضول: قال باحثون بريطانيون، إنهم جربوا طريقة جديدة هي الأولى من نوعها في مكافحة سرطان الجلد، باستخدام فيروس معدل وراثيا، لمهاجمة خلايا الورم، ولا تضر بالأنسجة أو الخلايا السليمة مقارنة بمعظم السرطانات الحالية التي تعالج باستخدام العلاج الكيميائي والإشعاعي والجراحة....

virus genetically-modified to treat skin cancer

Anatolia LONDON: British researchers said, that they tried a new method is the first of its kind in the fight against skin cancer, using virus genetically-modified, to attack the tumor cells, and not prejudice tissue or sound cells compared to most cancers present dealing with the use of chemotherapy and radiation and surgery.

A herpes virus is being harnessed to battle skin cancer… External link

Source country thejournal mercredi 27 mai 2015 22 h 56 CEST | info [fr] [other]

Mots-clés [Virus-GMO] virus[4]; viruses[1]; GENETICALLY[1]; modified[1]; [UnitedKingdom] geo[UK];

Autres catégories: Herpès;

A GENETICALLY ENGINEERED version of a virus that normally causes herpes (or more specifically, cold sores) can halt the progression of skin cancer, researchers have revealed. The modified virus kills cancer cells and sparks the immune system into action against tumours – according to what’s being hailed as a ‘landmark’ clinical trial....


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