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La Habana, 31 Oct (Notimex).- Especialistas para la Prevención y Enfrentamiento del virus del Ébola acordaron aquí realizar acciones en las fronteras External link

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La Habana, 31 Oct (Notimex).- Especialistas para la Prevención y Enfrentamiento del virus del Ébola acordaron aquí realizar acciones en las fronteras para obtener información completa sobre naves, tripulaciones y viajeros que lleguen a cada país de las Américas....

Havana, 31 Oct (Notimex). - specialists for the prevention and confrontation of ebola virus agreed here actions at borders to obtain complete informat

Havana, Oct 31 (Notimex). - specialists for the prevention and confrontation of the ebola virus here agreed to carry out actions on the borders for the purpose of obtaining complete information on ships, crews and passengers arriving in each country of the americas.

Baton Rouge-based Convergence Equity providing U.S. government with Ebola-resistant suits External link

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FILE - In this Oct. 21, 2014 file photo health workers show the proper way to don an "Ebola suit" during a media tour of the Research Institute for Tropical Medicine facility to show the government's readiness in dealing with the still Ebola-free country at Alabang, Muntinlupa city, south of Manila, Philippines....

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Awful moments in quarantine history External link

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When American nurse Kaci Hickox came home after treating Ebola patients in Liberia, she was quarantined in a tent at Newark International Airport for three days — even though she showed no signs of illness. The idea of putting a possibly sick person in quarantine goes back to the ancient texts. The book of Leviticus tells how to quarantine lepers ....

Πολυανθεκτική φυματίωση: "ωρολογιακή βόμβα" για τη δημόσια υγεία στην Ελλάδα External link

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Η προβληματική και ελλιπής αντιμετώπιση μίας σοβαρής ασθένειας, όπως η φυματίωση, έχει προκαλέσει μείζων πρόβλημα Δημόσιας Υγείας, σύμφωνα με τους επιστήμονες, καθώς το νέο πρόσωπο της φυματίωσης, η πολυανθεκτική φυματίωση , αποτελεί πραγματική και όχι θεωρητική απειλή! «Η ασθένεια όχι μόνο δεν.......


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