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النووي الإيراني والكيد السعودي External link

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Trigger words: [Iran] طهران[2]; geo[طهران]; [radnucTheft] (theft)تخريب[1]; (radnuc)البرنامج النووي[2];

Entities: Sergei Lavrov[1]; Saud al-Faisal[1]; إن إي[1]; Benjamin Netanyahu[1]; Bandar bin Sultan[1];

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د.تركي صقر. من العبث الاعتقاد أنّ من أولى اهتمامات حكام السعودية، القضاء على الإرهاب أو هزيمة داعش وغيره من التنظيمات المنبثقة عن القاعدة والتي ولدت وترعرعت عملياً في أحضانهم، حيث لا اهتمام لدى نظام آل سعود راهناً سوى تخريب أي اتفاق حول النووي الإيراني....

Iran's nuclear and Saudi Arabia

د. Turki Saqr. It is pointless to believe that one of the first concerns the rulers of Saudi Arabia, on the elimination of terrorism or defeat داعش and other organizations of the al-Qaeda, which was born and grew up in practice in their embrace of, where no attention to the system of Al-Saud currently only to sabotage any agreement on Iranian nuclear.

Time runs out for Iran nuclear talks External link

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Trigger words: [Iran] Iran[8]; Tehran[3]; geo[Tehran]; [radnucTheft] (theft)sabotage[1]; (Uranium)uranium[2];

Entities: Barack Obama[1]; Sergei Lavrov[1]; Daryl Kimball[1]; Philip Hammond[1]; John Kerry[2]; Javad Zarif[2]; Wang Yi[1];

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The five permanent members of the UN Security Council and Germany (the P5+1) have been locked in talks with Iran for months, seeking to turn an interim deal that expires at midnight (2300 GMT) on Monday into a lasting accord. Such an agreement, after a 12-year standoff, is aimed at easing fears that.......

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山东寿光火灾遇难者为18元钱提前上班遇大火(图) External link

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Trigger words: [Vomiting] 呕吐[2]; [SouthKorea] geo[韩国];

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11月17日,山东寿光火灾事故现场扑救结束。11月16日晚,山东寿光龙源食品有限公司一胡萝卜包装车间发生火灾,事故已致18人死亡,13人受伤。新华社记者 范长国 摄. 这是一场仅有两分钟的生死逃亡。 11月16日18时40分,山东寿光龙源食品有限公司厂房突起大火,火势极速蔓延,18位流水线前的胡萝卜包装工人被火焰吞噬。 灾难原本可以避免。为了能多装几十箱胡萝卜,多赚18块钱,他们主动提前上班,却成为简陋厂房和糟糕消防的牺牲品。 事发地寿光市化龙镇,是远近闻名的“胡萝卜之乡”。龙源食品厂被称为镇上最大的胡萝卜生产加工企业。 每年8月,胡萝卜丰收季,化龙镇每天都会涌入数千名这样的工人。他们像一群四.......

shang dong Shouguang fire of 18 yuan early work in the event fires (MAP)

November 17, shang dong Shouguang fire the scene to fight the blaze. November 16 later, shang dong Shouguang lung source Food Co., Ltd. a carrot packaging workshop fire accidents have been 18 people were killed and 13 others injured. Xinhua reporters Fan long the video. This is the only two minutes of the Births and Deaths flight. November 16 18:40, shang dong Shouguang lung source plant protruding fire food Co., Ltd., the fire spread very quickly, before the 18th assembly line workers are carrot packaging flame engulfed. disaster could be avoided. In order to more than 10 box installed a few carrots, earn 18 yuan, they work ahead of schedule, but a simple plant and the poor fire victims. The ShouGuang City, Town and Kowloon, is known far and near the village of the "carrot". lung source food factory is called Town, the biggest carrot production and processing enterprises. Every year August, carrots harvest season, the dragon town every day from the influx of 1000 workers. They were a group 4. . . .

Nuevotestamentoedicinenundocumento 140419093116-phpapp01 External link

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Trigger words: [Vomiting] vómito[3]; vomitará[1]; [SouthKorea] geo[Corea];

Entities: Alejandro Magno[3]; San Pietro[2]; Clifford Harris[1]; King James[1]; Pope Benedict XVI[1]; Juan Bautista[12]; Martin Luther[1]; Pedro Simon[1]; Flavio Josefo[3]; David Ben-Gurion[2]; Jesus Christ[1]; John Paul II[3]; Mary Magdalene[2]; Leonardo da Vinci[1]; Yitzhak Rabin[1]; Buen Pastor[1]; Mel Gibson[1]; David Davis[1]; Adolf Hitler[1]; Christopher Columbus[1]; Erasmo de Rotterdam[4]; Cristo Jesus[2];

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Mary Magdalene dijo: “Mi espíritu se regocija en mi salvador”

John Paul II dijo: “yo soy lo que soy gracias a Él”

John Paul II dijo: “¿perseveraremos en el pecado para que la gracia abunde? De ninguna manera”

John Paul II decía: “guardaos de los perros, mutiladores del cuerpo”

DESCUBRE LA BIBLIA – Nivel Intermedio Nuevo Testamento Pág - 6 - Señor, te doy gracias por éste mensaje, gracias por la manera tan sobrenatural como has transmitido tu voluntad a través de éstos escritos que a pesar de la debilidad humana y a pesar de que éstos texto han.......

Nuevotestamentoedicinenundocumento 140419093116 - phpapp01

Discovers the bible – intermediate level new testament www. descubrelabiblia. org Pág - 6 - Mr, I thank you for this message, thank you for the supernatural so as you have made your willingness through these writings that despite human weakness and despite the fact that they have text....


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