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3  Yersinia Pestis (Plague)

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Perú se prepara para afrontar fenómeno de El Niño en ... External link

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Trigger words: [YersiniaPestis] peste[1]; bubónica[1]; [Peru] Perú[6]; Lima[1]; geo[Tacna];geo[Lima];geo[Ica];

Entities: Ollanta Humala[1]; Luis Giampietri[1]; Alberto Fujimori[1]; Keiko Fujimori[1];

Other categories: Bacteria;

El Gobierno de Perú se prepara contra reloj para afrontar el fenómeno climático El Niño con características tan fuertes como el de 1997-1998, que dejó pérdidas por 1.200 millones de dólares y que se prevé que afecte al país en plena campaña para elegir al sucesor de Ollanta Humala....

Peru prepares to face phenomenon of the child in...

The government of peru is prepared against the clock to meet the cLimate phenomenon El Niño with characteristics as strong as the 1997 - 1998, which made losses of eur 1.2 billion dollars and which is expected to affect the country in full campaign to elect the successor of Ollanta Humala.

Faut-il avoir peur de la peste ? External link

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Trigger words: [YersiniaPestis] flambée[1]; peste[11]; pulmonaire[2]; Yersinia pestis[1]; bubonique[1]; [Peru] Pérou[1]; geo[Pérou];

Entities: Anne Sophie[1];

Other categories: Bacteria; Indian Ocean;

La maladie, qu'on imaginait disparue depuis le Moyen-Age, frappe toujours en 2015, avec une recrudescence de cas aux Etats-Unis. Yersinia pestis. Bacille de la peste, transmis à l'homme par piqûres de puces de rongeurs. Extrêmement virulent. © CDC Public Health Image Library. C’est une maladie qu’on imaginait éradiquée depuis le Moyen-Age....

Should we be afraid of the plague?

The disease, that we imagined missing since the middle ages, always strikes in 2015, with a resurgence of cases in the us. Yersinia pestis. Fever bacteria, transmitted to humans by pitting chips of rodents. Extremely virulent. © CDC Public Health Image Library. It is a disease that we imagined eradicated since the middle ages.

3  Viirused

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中国軍、サイバー攻撃力重視 ウイルス注入や情報かく乱 (09:52) External link

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Trigger words: [Virus] ウイルス[1]; [USA] 米国[2];

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中国人民解放軍がサイバー戦の訓練に当たり、敵の情報システムへのウイルス注入、情報かく乱、安全システムの弱点発見などを重視していることが中国軍の専門家がまとめた文書で29日までに分かった。 中国は、米国などでたびたび発生しているサイバー攻撃に関連し「中国もハッカーの被害者だ」として当局の関与を否定しているが、軍事力の一環としてサイバー攻撃を認めていることを裏付ける文書は珍しい。 文書は2010年にサイバー司令部を発足させた米軍の動向を詳述。米国に対抗し、能力面で追い付こうとする姿勢が強くうかがえる。(共同) .......

L’Italia ratifica la Convenzione Onu sulle sparizioni di Stato External link

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Trigger words: [Virus] nuovo virus[1]; [USA] geo[New York];

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Il presidente Andrej Kiska ha firmato ieri 15 luglio la ratifica approvata a fine giugno a grande maggioranza dal Parlamento dell’adesione della Repubblica Slovacca alla Convenzione internazionale sulle munizioni a grappolo (cluster bombs). La Convenzione sarà attiva dall’1 gennaio 2016, e . . ....

Italy ratifies the un convention on disappearances of state

Mr andrey Kiska signed yesterday, 15 July ratification approvata in late June by a large majority in parliament to the accession of the slovak republic to the convention on cluster munitions (cluster bombs). The convention will be active from 1 January 2016, and...


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