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黄山舰完成第十五批叙化武海运护航任务(高清组图) External link

Source country dayoo viernes 18 de abril de 2014 00H39' CEST | info English text... [en] [es] [other]

Trigger words: [Warfare] 化学武器[2]; [Norway] 挪威[1]; geo[挪威];

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中俄丹挪四国军舰在集结点海域会合 原标题:黄山舰完成第十五批叙化武海运护航任务 国际在线报道(记者 张一夫、徐广、李建红):当地时间4月16日下午,经过中国、俄罗斯、丹麦、挪威舰艇编队联合护航,负责运输叙利亚化学武器的丹麦运输船安全驶出叙领海。至此,中国海军黄山舰顺利完成第十五批叙化武海运护航任务。 当地时间16日上午8时,黄山舰抵达联合护航编队集结点海域,中俄双方立即组织了联络官换乘。根据叙利亚拉塔基亚港安全形势、当天化武装载计划和海区气象等实际情况,黄山舰海上指挥所在驾驶室召开了护航任务部署会,认真组织安全风险评估,研究制定兵力行动方案和应急处置预案。任务前,指挥所还对主副炮弹药装填情况和特.......

Huangshan ship completion of article 15 of the Chemical Weapons naval escort tasks with the Group.

China and Russia Denmark and Norway 4 warships in the assembly points sea meet the Original title: Huangshan ship completion of article 15 of the Chemical Weapons naval escort tasks in the line reported "a husband, Xu Guang, Li Jianhong), local time April 16 afternoon, after China Russia, Denmark, Norway fleet joint convoy carrying Syrian chemical weapons, the Danish ship security left from the Syrian territorial waters. Thus, the Chinese Navy Huangshan ship smooth completion of article 15 of the Chemical Weapons naval escort tasks. 16th morning local time, Huangshan escort vessels arrived in the assembly points Sea Fleet, the two sides immediately switch to the liaison officers. According to a Syrian Latakia port security situation, said the armed plans and maritime weather conditions, Huangshan ship Maritime Command in the cab held escort tasks, and seriously organize Security Risk Assessment study and formulate strength and emergency disposal plan. The mandate of the command of the main drug shells filled with Deputy situations and. . . .

化武组织总干事:叙利亚化武或将在15天内全部运出 External link

Source country ruvr-zh miércoles 16 de abril de 2014 15H20' CEST | info English text... [en] [es] [other]

Trigger words: [Warfare] 化学武器[3]; [Norway] 挪威[1]; geo[挪威];

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禁止化学武器组织总干事艾哈迈德·尤祖姆居目前正对俄罗斯进行访问。期间,他已经拜访了联邦议会、外交部和工商部。其下一个访问目标是一家位于乌德穆尔特地区的销毁化武工厂,该厂装备独特并在去年 12月份投入使用。...

The armed organization: Syrian chemical weapons or in 15 days all

The OPCW Director General, Ahmed · particularly ancestral home is a visit to Russia. He has visited the Federal Council, Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade and Industry Department. The next goal is to visit a udmurt located in the region of the destruction of chemical weapons plant, the plant and equipment in the unique December into use last year.

3  WHO-UnknownDisease

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CIDRAP- Study: Growing Guinea outbreak caused by new Ebola strain External link

Source country flutrackers viernes 18 de abril de 2014 01H08' CEST | info [es] [other]

Trigger words: [WHO-UnknownDisease] outbreak[12]; deaths[3]; mysterious[1]; virus[11]; disease[6]; [Gabon] geo[Gabon];

Entidades: World Health Organization[1];

Otras categorías: Epidemia; Filovirus; Unknown Disease; Enfermedad infecciosa; OMS; Ebola Hemorrhagic Fever; Pathogens;

Source: Study: Growing Guinea outbreak caused by new Ebola strain Filed Under: Ebola; VHF Lisa Schnirring | Staff Writer | CIDRAP News | Apr 17, 2014 The Ebola virus strain responsible for Guinea's outbreak—now at 197 suspected or confirmed cases—is a new strain that has been sickening.......

Father uses daughter to appease avenging spirit External link

Source country manicapost viernes 4 de abril de 2014 13H14' CEST | info [es] [other]

Trigger words: [WHO-UnknownDisease] deaths[2]; mysterious[1]; [Gabon] geo[Nyanga];

Otras categorías: Bovidae;

Abel Zhakata Senior Reporter A NYANGA man was last week found guilty of giving away his daughter to another family in a bid to meet the demands of an avenging spirit that had requested 10 head of cattle as compensation....


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