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3  tropical medicine

In combination with: Sierra Leona; Nigeria; Liberia; Alemania;

Ebola-Patient nach Hamburg? External link

Source country weser-kurier-politik martes 29 de julio de 2014 01H44' CEST | info English text... [en] [es] [other]

Trigger words: [tropicalmedicine] Tropenmedizin[1]; [SierraLeone] geo[Sierra Leone];

Entidades: Tariq Jasarevic[1]; Umar Khan[1];

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Hamburg. Das Universitätsklinikum Hamburg-Eppendorf (UKE) ist mit Zustimmung der Hamburger Gesundheitsbehörde bereit einen Ebola-infizierten Patienten zu behandeln. Es wäre die ersten Ebola-Behandlung in Deutschland seit Ausbruch der Krankheit in Westafrika....

Ebola-patient to Hamburg?

Hamburg. The Universitätsklinikum Hamburg-eppendorf (uce) is with the consent of the Hamburger public health authority prepared a Ebola-infizierten to treat patients. It would be the first Ebola-Behandlung in germany since the outbreak of the disease in west africa.

Het ebola-virus in vier vragen External link

Source country trouw lunes 28 de julio de 2014 22H14' CEST | info [en] [es] [other]

Trigger words: [tropicalmedicine] Tropische Geneeskunde[1]; [SierraLeone] Sierra Leone[4]; geo[Sierra Leone];

Entidades: Roeland Monasch[1]; Wereld Gezondheidsorganisatie[1]; West-Afrikaanse Guinee[1]; Umar Khan[1];

Otras categorías: CG PC All; FIFA PC All; FIFA PC Food Waterborne; CG PC Food Waterborne;

Het ebola-virus dat begin dit jaar in West-Afrika uitbrak grijpt wild om zich heen. In het afgelopen half jaar vielen er 670 doden. De Wereld...

3  White Powder

In combination with: Estados Unidos;

Texas man accused of sending over 500 hoax white powder letters arrested External link

Source country foxnews martes 29 de julio de 2014 06H05' CEST | info [es] [other]

Trigger words: [WhitePowder] terroristic[1]; threats[1]; case[1]; letters[9]; white powder[2]; incident[1]; [USA] geo[Dallas];geo[Garland];geo[New Jersey];geo[Boston];

Entidades: Diego Rodríguez[1];

Otras categorías: FIFA PC All; FIFA PC Non-Infect;

Federal authorities said Monday that a North Texas man had been arrested and charged with sending over 500 letters containing a white powder to schools, government offices, day care centers, and other locations across the U.S. and around the world....

FBI, Postal Service nab hoaxster who sent hundreds of powder-laced letters External link

Source country miamiherald martes 29 de julio de 2014 02H59' CEST | info [es] [other]

Trigger words: [WhitePowder] attack[1]; letters[11]; white powder[2]; [USA] geo[WASHINGTON];geo[Ramirez];geo[Dallas];geo[Boston];geo[Grand Prairie];

Entidades: Diego Rodríguez[1]; Scooby-Doo[2];

Otras categorías: Anthrax in Animals; FIFA PC All; FIFA PC Non-Infect;

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Diego Rodríguez said: “We believe Hong Minh Truong is responsible for the hundreds of letters sent to locations worldwide, including U.S. government offices, aerospace companies, schools, daycares and recently, hotels in the vicinity of Super Bowl XLVIII,”

Again and again for more than five years, police, sheriff’s deputies and moon-suited hazardous material teams rushed to respond to the discovery of hundreds of letters mailed from northern Texas to government offices, schools, aerospace companies and even foreign targets, each containing a mysterious white powder....

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