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3  Guerra

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Siria:Obama su armi chimiche,un successo External link

Source country ansa jueves 24 de abril de 2014 12H17' CEST | info English text... [en] [es] [other]

Trigger words: [Warfare] armi chimiche[3]; [Japan] TOKYO[1]; geo[TOKYO];

Entidades: Shinzo Abe[1]; Barack Obama[1];

Otras categorías: Chemical threats;

(ANSA) - TOKYO, 24 APR - L'eliminazione parziale delle armi chimiche siriane senza combattere è un successo, ma sarà completo solo quando sarà stato eliminato l'intero stock. Il presidente Usa Barack Obama, in conferenza stampa con il premier Shinzo Abe, ha detto che l'87% delle armi chimiche è.......

Syria: Obama on chemical weapons, a success

(ANSA) - Tokyo, 24 APR - the partial removal of syrian chemical weapons without waging is a success, but will only be complete when it has been eliminated l'intero stocks. The us president Barack Obama, in a press conference with prime minister Shinzo Abe, said that 87% of chemical weapons is....

日学者:不去靖国神社祭父 遗憾当年未追责天皇 External link

Source country peoplecom jueves 24 de abril de 2014 06H06' CEST | info English text... [en] [es] [other]

Trigger words: [Warfare] 化学武器[2]; [Japan] 日本[26]; geo[东京];

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日本学者粟屋宪太郎接受本报记者采访 摄影/本报记者 黄亮. 4月22日,村田忠禧和粟屋宪太郎两位日本学者受邀在中国社科院近代史研究所做讲座。就中日双方近来的紧张关系,北京青年报记者对钓鱼岛、东京审判、靖国神社等双方关注的问题和争议的焦点,专访了两位日本学者。 两位日本学者热爱自己的国家,认为中日双方世代友好是两国根本利益的前提。与日本右翼势力言论相反,两位学者都本着尊重历史、尊重事实的原则,以扎实的学术研究为基础,对钓鱼岛、东京审判和靖国神社等问题给予了客观的历史审视。村田忠禧是认为“钓鱼岛并非日本固有领土”的日本学者,他撰书指出钓鱼岛是如何“成为日本领土”,建议中国诉诸国际法庭解决争端。粟屋.......

Japanese scholars have not to Yasukuni shrine festival father regret the emperor accountability not

Japanese scholar Su housing Kentaro to this reporter interviewed Photography/This reporter Huang Liang. April 22, the village Tin Chung Hee and Su housing Kentaro two Japanese scholars were invited to the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences in modern research seminars. On the two sides in recent years the tension, beijing Youth reporter on the Diaoyu Islands, Tokyo trials, Yasukuni Shrine, and other issues of mutual interest and focus of dispute, an exclusive interview with two Japanese scholars. Two Japanese scholars love their country, and that the two sides lasting friendship between the two countries' fundamental interests of the country. The Japanese rightists expression on the contrary, the two scholars with respect for history and respect the facts, with a solid academic research on the basis of the Diaoyu Islands, Tokyo Trial and Yasukuni Shrine, with the objective of the historical view. Murata Chung jubilee is that the Diaoyu islands is not inherent Japanese territory, "a Japanese scholar, he write books that Diaoyu Islands is how to" a Japanese territory ", China' s recourse to the International Tribunal to resolve disputes. Su housing. . . .

3  Tear gas

In combination with: India;

تظاهرات در کشمير هند به درگيری منجر شد External link

Source country yjc jueves 24 de abril de 2014 11H33' CEST | info English text... [en] [es] [other]

Trigger words: [Teargas] گاز اشک آور[1]; [India] geo[دهلی نو];

Otras categorías:

انتخابات در هند در حال برگزاری است. گروه‌های متعددی خواستار تحریم این انتخابات شدند. این درخواست بویژه در منطقه کشمیر تحت کنترل هند چشمگیر بوده است. امروز معترضان به برگزاری انتخابات در منطقه کشمیر هند تظاهرات کردند. این تظاهرات به درگیری منجر شد. نیروهای امنیتی هند برای متفرق کردن معترضان از گاز اشک آور و باتوم استفاده کردند....

Rally in کشمير india lead to conflict.

In elections in india. This historic event called گروه‌های banning... clubs. This request in the region particularly significant india کشمیر under control. معترضان today to hold elections in the region india کشمیر rally. This rally led to conflict. Indian security forces to disperse معترضان باتوم of tear gas and used.

القوات الهندية تفرق مظاهرات ضد إجراء الانتخابات بإقليم كشمير External link

Source country youm7 jueves 24 de abril de 2014 10H18' CEST | info English text... [en] [es] [other]

Trigger words: [Teargas] الغاز المسيل للدموع[1]; [India] الهند[2]; geo[الهند];

Otras categorías:

استخدمت القوات الهندية قنابل الغاز المسيل للدموع والهراوات الخشبية من اجل تفريق المتظاهرين المحتشدين فى الجزء الخاضع لسيطرة الهند من إقليم كشمير احتجاجا على إجراء الانتخابات العامة بالإقليم المتنازع عليه. وذكرت شبكة "ايه بى سى" الأمريكية اليوم الخميس أن المتظاهرين رددوا شعارات معادية للهند ورشقوا.......

Indian troops disperse demonstrations against the holding of elections in Kashmir

used the Indian forces used tear gas and batons wood in order to disperse the demonstrators gathered in the Indian-controlled part of the territory of Kashmir in protest against the general elections in the region disputed. According to a network, "ABC" on Thursday that the demonstrators chanted slogans hostile to India and threw. ...


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