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3  Typhoid Fever

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Ebola death in Sierra Leone leads to mass quarantine A village in northern Sierra Leone has been placed under quarantine after a post-mortem test reve External link

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Trigger words: [TyphoidFever] outbreak[2]; typhoid[1]; infection[1]; infections[1]; symptom[1]; [SierraLeone] Freetown[2]; Sierra Leoneans[1]; Sierra Leone[5]; geo[Sierra Leone];

Instanzen: World Health Organization[1]; Margaret Chan[1];

Andere Kategorien: WHO; Malaria; Impfung; Ebola Hemorrhagic Fever; Vaccination Adverse Effects;

Earlier this week the World Health Organization (WHO) announced the fewest weekly Ebola infections for over a year in West Africa. However the WHO also said it was bracing for a significant new outbreak in Sierra Leone, which alongside Guinea and Liberia, is one of the worst affected countries....

Ebola virus: 9 things to know about the killer disease External link

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Trigger words: [TyphoidFever] typhoid fever[1]; Symptoms[1]; symptoms[8]; outbreak[10]; epidemiologist[1]; typhoid[1]; infection[3]; suspect[1]; suspected[3]; outbreaks[7]; infections[2]; [SierraLeone] geo[Sierra Leone];

Instanzen: World Health Organization[1]; Nick Thompson[1];

Andere Kategorien: WHO; New Plant Pests; Impfung; Infektionskrankheit; Malaria; Toxins; Vaccination Adverse Effects;

Story highlights Ebola causes viral hemorrhagic fever and kills up to 90% of people who catch it; It's named after the Ebola River in DRC, where one of first outbreaks occurred in 1976; Symptoms can take between two and 21 days to appear after victim contracts virus; Humans contract Ebola through.......

3  Travel Health

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Cyclospora cases pass 350 in US with some linked to Mexican cilantro External link

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Trigger words: [TravelHealth] illness[4]; Health[3]; travel[2]; health[2]; [Georgia] geo[Georgia];

Andere Kategorien: Salmonellose; Cyclospora; Salmonella; Food Contact Material; Pathogens; Production; Bacteria; Parasites;

The agency said 358 people are ill with most (199; 56%) reporting onset of illness on or after May 1, and no international travel. Clusters of illness linked to restaurants or events have been identified in Texas, Wisconsin, and Georgia. Investigations in Wisconsin and Texas have preliminarily.......

Expresidente de EEUU Jimmy Carter sometido a operación de hígado External link

Source country telemetro Montag, 3. August 2015 21:37 Uhr MESZ | info English text... [en] [de] [other]

Trigger words: [TravelHealth] enfermedad[1]; viaje[1]; [Georgia] geo[Georgia];

Instanzen: Jimmy Carter[3];

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El expresidente estadounidense Jimmy Carter fue sometido a una operación para extirparle una pequeña masa en el hígado, y se espera que su recuperación sea total, informó este lunes el Centro Carter. La intervención quirúrgica al exmandatario de 90 años tuvo lugar en el hospital de la universidad.......

Us ex-president Jimmy Carter undergone liver operation

The us former president Jimmy Carter was subjected to an operation for extirparle a small mass in the liver, and it is expected that its recovery is total, informed this Monday the Carter Center. The surgical intervention to exmandatario 90 years took place in the university hospital of....


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