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Islamic party leader’s death sentence commuted External link

Source country taipeitimes Mittwoch, 17. September 2014 19:31 Uhr MESZ | info [de] [other]

Trigger words: [Teargas] tear gas[1]; [Bangladesh] Dhaka[1]; Bangladesh[2]; Bangladeshi[2]; geo[Rajshahi];

Instanzen: Mahbubey Alam[1]; Delwar Hossain Saidee[1]; Delwar Hossain[1]; Mohamed Naseem[1];

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Bangladesh’s Supreme Court yesterday commuted to life imprisonment a death sentence for a top Islamic leader convicted of war crimes during the country’s war of liberation in 1971. The decision against Delwar Hossain Sayedee, a leader of the main Islamic party, the Jamaat-e-Islami, prompted strike.......

SC verdict sparing Jamaat leader Sayedee of death sentence sparks protests External link

Source country bdnews24 Mittwoch, 17. September 2014 18:53 Uhr MESZ | info [de] [other]

Trigger words: [Teargas] tear gas[1]; [Bangladesh] Dhaka[3]; Bangladesh[3]; geo[Pirojpur];geo[Chittagong];geo[Sunamganj];geo[Bogra];

Instanzen: Mahbubey Alam[1];

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Quotes... Quotes in this article

Mahbubey Alam said: "Once the full verdict is available we will understand whether the investigation was done properly or the investigators had been able to press the charges properly"

Mahbubey Alam said: "I said earlier that a review was not applicable. Now I cannot say otherwise. The verdict came under a special law. There's no provision of a review"

In a verdict that came as a shock to many, Bangladesh's highest appeals court has watered down the death sentence of top Jamaat-e-Islami leader Delwar Hossain Sayedee to lifetime in jail....

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Syria reveals more chemical weapons facilities to watchdog External link

Source country omanobserver-om Mittwoch, 17. September 2014 21:57 Uhr MESZ | info [de] [other]

Trigger words: [Sarin] reports[1]; sarin[2]; chemical weapons[7]; Chemical Weapons[2]; report[4]; [USA] United States[2]; geo[Washington];geo[New York];

Instanzen: Cape Ray[1]; Sigrid Kaag[1];

Andere Kategorien: Organisation für das Verbot chemischer Waffen; Rizin; Chemical threats;

Under the agreement reached with Washington and Moscow, which averted threatened U.S. military action, the Nobel Peace-prize winning OPCW is overseeing the destruction of 1,300 tonnes of chemical weapons that Syria declared to the Hague-based body. Syria was supposed to have already destroyed all.......

22h32 Damas admet l'existence de trois sites chimiques non déclarés (Reuters) External link

Source country lorientlejour Mittwoch, 17. September 2014 21:37 Uhr MESZ | info English text... [en] [de] [other]

Trigger words: [Sarin] gaz sarin[2]; sarin[3]; [USA] Etats-Unis[3];

Instanzen: la Syrie[5]; Sigrid Kaag[1]; Bashar Assad[1];

Andere Kategorien: Organisation für das Verbot chemischer Waffen; Rizin; Chemical threats;

La Syrie a révélé à l'Organisation pour l'interdiction des armes chimiques (OIAC) l'existence de trois sites qu'elle n'avait jusqu'à présent jamais mentionnés, a-t-on appris de sources diplomatiques. Ces trois installations sont un laboratoire de recherche sur la ricine, un poison hautement toxique,.......

22h32 Dimashq admits l'existence three sites chemical not reported (Reuters)

Syria has revealed the Organisation for the prohibition of chemical weapons (opcw) the existence of three sites that it had so far never mentioned, has learned from diplomatic sources. These three facilities are a laboratory research on the ricin, a highly toxic poison,....


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