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3  Virus

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Няма Ебола в Швеция External link

Source country novini 1. september 2014 13:57:00 CEST | info [en] [da] [other]

Trigger words: [Virus] Вирусът[1]; [Sweden] Стокхолм[2]; Швеция[1]; geo[Швеция];

Other categories: Ebola Hemorrhagic Fever;

Пациентът, постъпил в болница в Стокхолм през уикенда със съмнения за заразяване със смъртоносния вирус Ебола, не е носител на вируса, съобщи Ройтерс, позовавайки се на медицинските власти. Мъжът, чието име не бе разкрито, наскоро е пътувал до "рисков район" и постъпи в университетска болница в Стокхолм с висока температура....

الاشتباه بحالة إيبولا في السويد External link

Source country tayyar 1. september 2014 11:12:00 CEST | info English text... [en] [da] [other]

Trigger words: [Virus] فيروس[1]; [Sweden] ستوكهولم[1]; السويد[2]; geo[ستوكهولم];

Other categories: WHO;

إيبولا مرض فيروسي يؤدي إلى الإصابة بالحمى النزية والوفاة (الأوروبية-أرشيف) إيبولا مرض فيروسي يؤدي إلى الإصابة بالحمى النزفية والوفاة (الأوروبية-أرشيف)أعلن مسؤول سويدي الأحد أنه تم وضع مريض في الحجر الصحي بعدما ظهرت عليه عوارض الإصابة بفيروس إيبولا، مؤكدا أن هذه الحالة "مشتبه بها" فحسب وليست مؤكدة....

The situation of suspected Ebola in Sweden

Ebola viral disease leads to infection of a fever and death (European-archive) Ebola viral disease leads to infection hemorrhagic fever and death (European-archive) declared Swedish official Sunday, had been a patient in quarantine after appeared symptoms of infection of the Ebola virus, confirming that this situation, "suspected" is not only confirmed.

3  Unknown Disease

In combination with: New Zealand;

‘Mass hysteria’ probable cause of mystery illness in 100s of Colombia schoolgirls: President Santos External link

Source country colombiareports 1. september 2014 19:56:00 CEST | info [da] [other]

Trigger words: [UnknownDisease] mystery[3]; illness[6]; unknown[1]; [NewZealand] New Zealand[1]; geo[New Zealand];

Other categories: Vaccination; CG PC All; CG PC Non-Infect;

In response to media attention surrounding a “mystery illness” that has left over 200 girls in a small Colombian town hospitalized since May, Colombia’s President Santos said it was probably just a Full Article » The post ‘Mass hysteria’ probable cause of mystery illness in 100s of Colombia.......

Police dogs attack gunman External link

Source country news_com_au 1. september 2014 08:55:00 CEST | info [da] [other]

Trigger words: [UnknownDisease] mystery[1]; disease[1]; [NewZealand] New Zealand[4]; geo[Christchurch];geo[Russell];geo[Ashburton];

Entities: Winston Peters[1]; Gary Knowles[1];

Other categories: CG PC All; CG PC Non-Infect;

Quotes... Quotes in this article

Gary Knowles said: “We’re still searching for his weapon,”

Winston Peters said: “We replied immediately and also followed up,” “However, the emails kept bouncing back”

POLICE dogs have tracked down and bitten a gunman during a massive manhunt in a small New Zealand village, after he shot dead two people....


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