Recent Disease Incidents

Automatically extracted from MediSys news items by PULS (University of Helsinki, Finland)
Avian Influenza2017.04.08ChinathemBeijing reports 10 H7N9 cases this year
Legionella2017.04.15Hong Kong17 LD casesUpdate on cases of Legionnaires' disease
Measles2017Australia22 casesNew measles case takes NSW total to 22
Bovine TB2017.04.17USA/Michiganfour free-ranging whitetail deerBovine tuberculosis risk designated in parts of 5 Michigan counties 43 Mins State officials have designated parts of five Michigan counties as a "potential high risk area" for bovine tuberculosis.
Cholera2017.04.14Sudanfour new cholera casesCholera patient dies, 42 new cases in eastern Sudan
Staphylococcus Aureus2017USA/California12 familiesTen infants in Calif. neonatal ICU tested positive for superbug
Cerebrospinal Meningitis2017.04.07Nigeriafive casesJigawa intensifies efforts to combat Meningitis outbreak
Lassa Fever2017.02.25-2017.04.15Togoat least seven casesTogo: Lassa fever in Togo: ALIMA sends a team to assess needs
Meningitis2017.04Nigernine persons15th April 2017 - Meningitis kills 33 in Niger State
H1N12017.04.14India26 peopleState on swine flu alert, 17 test positive in 3 days
Mumps2017USA/Texas221 casesThe Number of Mumps Cases in Texas Just Hit a 20-Year High
Yellow Fever2017.04.13Brazil--Outbreak of yellow fever in Brazil - first update 13 April 2017
Influenza2017.04.02-2017.04.08USA/Pennsylvaniamore casesPennsylvania health officials downgrade flu from widespread to regional
Escherichia Coli2017.04.11USA/Massachusettsseven initial casesE. Coli Outbreak Temporarily Closes Chicken & Rice Guys Food Truck
Cholera2017Somalia524 peopleSomalia's cholera outbreak at more than 25,000 cases: WHO
Measles2017.04.13Canadaadditional casesPublic health investigating after South Shore student falls ill with measles
Respiratory Syndrome2017.04.12Hong KongFive patientsCluster of Influenza A cases in Castle Peak Hospital
Typhoid2017.03New ZealandwomanPublic Kava Drinking Banned In Tonga Due To Typhoid Outbreak
two diseases2017.04Somaliaover 411 casesCholera kills 30
Meningitis2017.04.10Nigeria4,637 meningitis casesDeath toll in Nigeria meningitis outbreak up to 489
Lassa Fever--Nigeria23 malesLassa Fever kills 24 in Bauchi
Ebola Hemorrhagic Fever2017.05Sierra Leoneyoung peopleBritish nurse who caught Ebola in West Africa to return
Influenza--USA/UtahUtah manMan denied lung transplant due to marijuana use
Zika2017.04.11Bahamasconfirmed casesZika Update (April 10, 2017)
Typhoid2017.01TongaEleven peopleEleven cases of typhoid in Tonga
Zika2017.04.10SingaporeTwo new Zika casesSingapore: Two new Zika cases on April 10
Plague2017.04.10USA/New Mexicorecent caseNews Minute: Here is the latest New Mexico news from The Associated Press at 6:40 a.m. MDT
Chikungunya--Indianine new casesDengue, Chikungunya strike early amid heat and dust of MCD polls
Typhoid2017.04.10Zimbabwethree other typhoid casesGovernment issues cholera, typhoid alert as the economy implodes
Measles--Japanmeasles outbreakKanazawa issues alert after returnee from India is diagnosed with measles
Cholera2017.04.10Africacholera casesEl Nino can warn on cholera outbreaks in Africa: study
spread2017.04.10USA/CaliforniaTwo adults2 adults killed, 2 students injured in shooting at California elementary school
disease2017.04.04USA/HawaiicasesBrain-invading parasite carried by rats, slugs spreading in Hawaii
parasite2017.04.04USA/HawaiiMaui womanBrain-invading parasite carried by rats, slugs spreading in Hawaii
rat lungworm disease--USA/Hawaiisix casesBrain-invading parasite carried by rats, slugs spreading in Hawaii
Avian Influenza2017.02.13UKsuspected caseNews story: Avian influenza (bird flu) in winter 2016 to 2017
Angiostrongylus Cantonensis2010-2017USAtwo casesBrain-invading parasitic disease prompts health officials to sound the alarm in Hawaii
Dengue2017.04.10Sri LankaindividualsDengue under control in Trincomalee district
disease outbreak--Kenyamore than 20 cowsHerders seeking pasture in Mt Kenya count losses as animals die
Typhoid--New Zealand (Aotearoa)Auckland womanSpread of typhoid has 'plateaued' - Auckland health officials
Botulism2017.02.28JapaninfantInfant botulism claims 6-month-old Adachi Ward boy who was fed honey
Influenza2015.04.09USA/Oklahoma114 deathsFlu-related deaths in Oklahoma rises to 90 for the season
HFRS2017.04.08UKtwo peopleWomen aged 91 and 89 died in ‘extremely fierce’ blaze at care home
Chikungunya2017.04.08TaiwanmanTwo chikungunya cases confirmed in Kaohsiung
Rabies2017.03.27TaiwananimalWoman in Hualien contracts rabies from ferret-badger
Gastroenteric Syndrome2017.04.04Syria87 civiliansOne dead in raid on Syria 'chemical attack' town: monitor
illness2017.04.08USA/TexasvictimsSynthetic drug illnesses spike in Austin
Bordetella Pertussis--CanadacaseWhooping cough confirmed at Fredericton school
Food Poisoning2017.04.05Sri LankaThree peopleTwo chefs arrested for food poisoning deaths in Eastern Sri Lanka:
Mumps2017.04.08USA/North CarolinapersonHealth 13 mins ago 11:03 p.m. Mumps confirmed in App State