Recent Disease Incidents

Automatically extracted from MediSys news items by PULS (University of Helsinki, Finland)
Dengue--Trinidad and Tobago--Groome-Duke: No dengue outbreak
Coronavirus2014.04.22Saudi ArabiacasesMERS death toll hits 81 in Saudi
Ebola Hemorrhagic Fever--Africamore than 140 peopleEbola outbreak death toll rises
Coronavirus--Greecefirst caseGreece reports 1st MERS case, patient critical
MERS virus--Saudi Arabia2 more deathsSaudi Arabia reports 2 more deaths from MERS virus
Coronavirus2014.04.22Middle EastTwo more patientsSaudi reports two more virus deaths
virus--Saudi Arabiatwo more virus deathsSaudi reports two more virus deaths
Meningococcal infection2014.04.17Hong Kongconfirmed caseCase of invasive meningococcal infection under CHP investigation
Measles2014.04.21Viet Nam51 new measles casesMeasles cases continue to fall
Ebola Hemorrhagic Fever--Guinea61 LivesEbola Virus Claims 61 Lives in Guinea
Dengue--Mozambique30 casesMozambique confirms 30 cases of Dengue fever
Malaria--Nigeriaexperienced gafferKaduna United coach dies
SARS--Saudi Arabiathree more peopleSaudis report three more deaths from MERS virus
Deadly MERS Virus--Saudi Arabia20 New CasesSaudi Arabia Confirms 20 New Cases of Deadly MERS Virus
Tuberculosis2014.04.20-2014.04.26GuaminmatesTB Testing Continues at DOC Following 60 Positive PPD Skin Tests
disease2014.04.19Saudi Arabia20 new cases49 infections were reported in six days
Coronavirus--United Arab Emirates12 new cases3 MERS Coronovirus cases test negative in UAE
H1N1--Hong Konghuman swine influenza casesCluster of human swine influenza cases in a male psychiatric ward in Pamela Youde Nethersole Eastern Hospital
Influenzavirus A2014.04.21Hong Kongpatient caseSerious Response Level activated in public hospitals
Influenza--Chinahuman caseNotification of a human case of swine influenza in Jiangsu
Influenza2014.04.21Hong Kong24 menTwo influenza-like-illness outbreaks
Buruli Ulcer--Africa--[Personal View] The urgent need for clinical, diagnostic, and operational research for management of Buruli ulcer in Africa
Tuberculosis--UK--[Articles] Transmission of multidrug-resistant tuberculosis in the UK: a cross-sectional molecular and epidemiological study of clustering and contact tracing
SARS2014.04.19Middle EastFilipino nurseFilipino tests negative for Middle East virus
Posted By Mindanao Examiner2014.04.16Philippinesone FilipinoPhilippines warns OFWs, Filipino travellers on Mideast virus Posted By Mindanao Examiner | Wednesday, April 16, 2014 10:23:18 PM
Mumps--USA/Ohiomumps casesMultiple mumps cases found in central Ohio school
Coronavirus2014.04.19Philippines--No epidemic or outbreak of Mers virus in Philippines, says official
Polio2014.03.20Equatorial Guinea1 caseAlert - Polio in Equatorial Guinea
Measles2014Vietnammore than 100 peopleVietnam battles fatal measles outbreak
Measles--Canada7th caseManitoba confirms 7th case of measles
Influenza--USA/Oklahomathree deathsThree Additional Deaths Due To Flu Reported In Oklahoma
Tularemia--SpainValladolid, Spain Tularemia outbreaksMolecular Investigation of Tularemia Outbreaks, Spain, 1997 - "2008
Avian Influenza2014.03.27North KoreachickensTwo Outbreaks of High-path Avian Flu in North Korea
Ebola virus disease2014.04.15Guinea121 deathsEbola virus disease, West Africa (Situation as of 16 April 2014)
Measles2014.04.16PhilippinesTwo new casesTwo new cases of measles hit city
Legionella2014.04.16Hong KongmanCase of Legionnaires' disease under CHP investigation
Vitamin A deficiency--PakistanOver 50pc childrenOver 50pc children in Pakistan suffer from vitamin A deficiency: study
Erythema Infectiosum--UKonly the fourth childThe girl of three who became only the fourth child in the UK since 2006 to die from 'slapped cheek' virus
Dengue--Naurustaff memberDoctors renew call to visit Nauru detention centre after dengue fever outbreak
Dengue--South Pacific--Nauru asylum centre dengue patients be moved to Australia - activists
deadly MERS virus--United Arab EmiratesThree new casesThree new cases of deadly MERS virus in UAE
Ebola Hemorrhagic Fever2014.04.14LiberiaEbola deathsLiberia: Ebola deaths rise to 13
Chikungunya--Tonga10,000 peopleTonga: Outbreak of chikungunya virus affects 10,000 people in Tonga
Avian Influenza2014.04.13JapanownersJapan slaughters 112,000 chickens after bird flu outbreak
Chronic Fatigue Syndrome--CanadaMonth-old babyMonth-old baby dies in CFS care, family seeks answers
Gonorrhea--UK--Awareness campaign shows signs of delaying onset of drug-resistant gonorrhea in UK
deadly virus outbreak2014.04.11Guineafour suspected casesGuinea says few new Ebola cases outbreak nearly under control
Classical Swine Fever2014.02.21Russia--Classical swine fever found in Russian wild boar
Conjunctivitis2014.04.14American SamoateachersAmerican Samoa Schools Reopen After Pink Eye Woes