Recent Disease Incidents

Automatically extracted from MediSys news items by PULS (University of Helsinki, Finland)
Rash Syndrome2015.07.28-2015.08.15USA/MinnesotaFive dogsBloomington officials warn of coyote attacks on small dogs
Rabies2015.08.13TaiwancaseAlmost every district of Taitung is affected by rabies: authorities
Naegleria Fowleri2015.08.12USA/OklahomamanOklahoma man dies from brain-eating amoeba infection
Meningitis2015.08.12Cairo doctorsonly four confirmed casesSome Cairo doctors suspect virus, not heatwave behind dozens of deaths
Legionella2015.08.02-2015.08.08New York City lawmakerspeopleNew York City Council to approve new law to prevent future Legionnaires' disease outbreak
Cholera2015.08.11Russiaone deathSouth Sudan: Situation Report #51 on Cholera in South Sudan as at 23:59 Hours, 11 August 2015
Plague2015.08.09IcelandmostMysterious Cat Deaths Plague South Iceland Town
Legionella2015.08.10USA/New YorkTwo more peopleLegionnaires' disease outbreak claimed 12 lives: NYC mayor
Measles2015.08.09-2015.08.15Sudan10 casesSudan: Sudan Measles Situation Report Week 29 (13 - 19 July 2015)
Legionella2015.08.10USATwo more New York City residentsLegionnaires’ outbreak death toll rises
Ebola virus disease2015.08.02Sierra Leonetwo confirmed casesSierra Leone: Interagency Collaboration on Ebola Situation Report, 5 August 2015
Dengue2015.08.09-2015.08.15India37 new dengue cases37 new dengue cases this week
Cholera2015.08.09Sudan41 deathsSouth Sudan: Situation Report #49 on Cholera in South Sudan as at 23:59 Hours, 9 August 2015
no new sicknesses2015.08.03New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio113 total casesNYC mayor says 12 dead from Legionnaires' disease
Legionella2015.08.03New York City Mayor Bill de Blasioany new casesNYC mayor says 12 dead from Legionnaires' disease
Chikungunya2015.08.03SpaincaseChikungunya – Spain
Gastroenteric Syndrome2015.08.08IndiaOne man79 new diarrhoea patients admitted to Kolkata hospital
Legionella2015.08.08New York City's history10 peopleState teams testing towers for Legionnaires' disease in Bronx; 108 infected
Ebola Hemorrhagic Fever2015.08.02Africatwo casesTwo Ebola cases reported in past week but risks remain - WHO
Ebola Hemorrhagic Fever2015.08.02-2015.08.08Sierra Leonesingle casesTwo Ebola cases reported in past week but risks remain - WHO
infections2015.08.04USA/Illinois69 casesU of Illinois mumps outbreak grows; vaccinations urged
31 clusters2015.07.25Taiwan88 people2 more ill from sandwiches
Scabies2015.07.06-2015.08.08Hong KongThree patientsThree patients of TMH confirmed to have scabies
Legionella2015.08.08Hong KongmanCHP investigates case of Legionnaires' disease
Legionella Pneumophila2015.08.02Hong KongManMan treated for Legionnaires'
Leptospirosis2015.08.01-2015.08.06Indiafive cases2 die due to H1N1, leptospirosis; BMC says it's well prepared
H1N12015.08.01-2015.08.06India60 cases2 die due to H1N1, leptospirosis; BMC says it's well prepared
Polio2015Pakistan13 polio casesAnother polio case detected in Peshawar
Plague2015.08.05USA/Coloradounidentified adultGirl Catches Plague After Trip to Yosemite
Legionella2015.08.06USA/OhiowomanCleveland hospital: Ohio woman dies of Legionnaires' disease
Anthrax2015.07.14Bulgariahuman caseECDC: Human anthrax fatality in Bulgaria
Human Plague2015.08.07USA/CaliforniacaseUS: A plague case in California
Legionella2015.08.06New York City's Department of Healthtwo new fatalitiesNew York cooling towers to be tested as Legionnaires' deaths hit 10
Avian Influenza2015.07.13UKcasePress release: Avian flu in Lancashire
Dengue Shock Syndrome2015.07.25Indiawoman4-yr-old from Old Sangvi dies of dengue
Herpes2015.08.06South AfricacasesExperimental gel partially protects against genital herpes
Dengue2015.08.04Pakistanfirst suspected dengue patientTwo dengue cases detected in Mingora
Ebola Hemorrhagic Fever2014NigeriaLiberian manHow to beat the next ebola
29 clusters2015.07.25Hong Kong84 people12 more ill from sandwiches
Creutzfeldt-Jakob Disease2015.08.01Italyfourth caseTwo dead from 'mad cow' disease in Lecce
Legionella2015.08.05Canadaperson8th person dies in New York Legionnaires' disease outbreak
Influenza2015New Zealand (Aotearoa)two casesFlu rips through schools and rest homes in Wellington in worst season since 2012
Glanders--Brazilat least one horseBrazil probes contagious horse disease near Olympic site
Ebola Hemorrhagic Fever2015.08.04USA/AlabamapatientOfficial: Alabama patient doesn't have Ebola, tests negative
Hepatitis C2015.08.01CanadaHalifax womanHalifax woman who led $1B tainted blood lawsuit dies at 64
Ebola Hemorrhagic Fever2015.07.26-2015.08.01Guineaonly two Ebola casesWHO reported only two Ebola cases last week
Respiratory Syndrome2015.08.03USAfour peopleDeath toll rises to 7 from NY Legionnaires’ disease
Anthrax2015.08.04ArmeniaTwo anthrax casesTwo anthrax cases reported in Armenia
Hendra Virus2015.08AustraliahumansHendra virus vaccine for horses approved despite possible deaths
Coronavirus2015.08Saudi ArabiahumanЖертвами коронавируса стали четверо жителей Саудовской АравииThe victims have become virus royalsand four saudis