Controllo vicinato operativo anche nel Morianese External link

Source country loschermo Saturday, May 27, 2017 3:17:00 PM CEST | info English text... [en] [other]

Trigger words: [Arsine] Arsina[1];

Other categories:

LUCCA – Con il posizionamento di 20 cartelli lungo la via di Moriano e a Palmata che informano che l’area è sottoposta a “Controllo di vicinato”, diventa operativo anche a San Quirico, San Lorenzo, San Michele, San Cassiano e, appunto, a Palmata, il Controllo di vicinato....

Control neighbourhood operational in morianese

Lukka –eur with positioning 20° signoboards along the route of Moriano caille Palmata stating that the area is subject to scrutiny of neighbourliness, becomes operational in San Quirico, San Lorenzo, San Michele, San Cassiano and condemned to Palmata, control.

Le Mura, feste per le campionesse d'Italia a Gesam Gas e Luce External link

Source country luccaindiretta Wednesday, May 17, 2017 5:20:00 PM CEST | info English text... [en] [other]

Trigger words: [Arsine] Arsina[1];

Other categories:

Dopo un veloce ma sentito ringraziamento per la stagione alla vigilia di gara 3 delle finali scudetto, Gesam Gas e Luce ha potuto finalmente tributare il giusto omaggio alle giocatrici, allo staff tecnico, ai dirigenti della formazione che ha conquistato il primo scudetto nella storia della Lucca.......

The walls, festivals for the campionesse d'italia to Gesam Gas and light

After a quick but heartfelt thanks for the season on the eve of the final three scudetto, Gesam ρde and light could finally pay homage to the players, with the technical staff, management training, which won the first in the history of the scudetto Lukka continue….

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Barrick’s Veladero mine in Argentina now hit by strike External link

Source country mining Monday, May 29, 2017 6:02:00 PM CEST | info [other]

Trigger words: [Cyanide] cyanide[2];

Other categories:

Workers at Barrick Gold’s (TSX, NYSE:ABX) Veladero mine in Argentina began Sunday an indefinite and unplanned strike over better working conditions at the operation, which has recently been the focus of controversy due to a cyanide spill in March, the In a brief statement , Barrick said is already.......

СМИ: Грузинскую патриархию ждет массовая чистка из-за "дела о цианиде" External link

Source country rian Monday, May 29, 2017 4:19:00 PM CEST | info English text... [en] [other]

Trigger words: [Cyanide] цианиде[3]; цианид[1];

Other categories:

МОСКВА, 29 мая РИА Новости. Юрист Грузинской православной церкви Эдишер Карчава заявил о начале люстрации лиц, которые хотят упразднить патриаршество в стране, сообщает информационный портал Грузия Онлайн. Заявление прозвучало на фоне скандала, связанного с "делом о цианиде" попытке покушения на грузинского патриарха Илию II....

Media: the Georgian patriarchate waitin mass-mail agrokompleks owing to the "cases of цианиде"

Moscow, may 29, RIA Novosti. The Georgian orthodox church yurist Эдишер karchava announced early lustration persons who want to abolish the patriarchate in the country, reports the information portal Georgia-film online. The statement came amid a scandal involving "case-dobkin on цианиде" attempted assassination of Georgian patriarch ilia II.

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Cyanogen chloride

Syria’s chemical weapon of mass destruction External link

Source country pharmaceutical-journal Tuesday, May 23, 2017 6:38:00 PM CEST | info [other]

Trigger words: [Cyanogenchloride] chlorine, cyanide[1];

Entities: Bashar Assad[1];

Other categories: Cyanide; Chemical threats; Mustard gas; Sarin; Nerve agents; Methyl;

The world generally accepts that these war crimes were carried out by the military forces of Syrian President Bashar al-Assad, despite denials by both the Syrian regime and its Russian allies. (The Russian government even claimed that the most recent incident was orchestrated by Syrian rebels with.......

News Pee in swimming pools, hot tubs: Lab tests reveal the dirty truth Pee in swimming pools, hot tubs: Lab tests reveal the dirty truth "I think ever External link

Source country 12news Tuesday, April 25, 2017 10:55:00 PM CEST | info [other]

Trigger words: [Cyanogenchloride] cyanogen chloride[1];

Entities: John Torres[1]; Michael Phelps[2];

Other categories:

Quotes... Quotes in this article

John Torres explained: "there are some health risks because when that urine mixes with the chlorine, it makes two chemicals, cyanogen chloride and trichloramine. Those chemicals can irritate your eyes, they can irritate your lungs, they can irritate your skin,"

"I think everybody pees in the pool," Olympic swimmer Michael Phelps told The Wall Street Journal last year. "It's kind of just a normal thing to do." A recent study supports Phelps' assertion. Researchers in Canada tested 31 pools and hot tubs for urine....

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NASA muestra las auroras de Júpiter External link

Source country laprensa-PE Monday, May 29, 2017 10:57:00 PM CEST | info English text... [en] [other]

Trigger words: [Hydrogen] hidrógeno[2];

Other categories:

VIDEO La complejidad y riqueza de las ‘luces del sur’ (auroras) de Júpiter son mostradas en esta animación de mapas de falsos colores, obtenidos gracias a la nave espacial Juno de la NASA . Las auroras son el resultado del impacto de electrones energéticos de la magnetósfera con el hidrógeno.......

NASA shows the auroras jupiter

Video the complexity and richness of the ‘lights’ (south auroras) of jupiter are illustrated in this animation of maps of false colours, obtained thanks to the spacecraft Juno of NASA. The auroras are the result of the impact of energy electrons magnetósfera with hydrogen....

بالفيديو والصور- اضواء الشفق القطبي الجنوبي External link

Source country maannews-ar Monday, May 29, 2017 10:44:00 PM CEST | info English text... [en] [other]

Trigger words: [Hydrogen] الهيدروجين[1];

Other categories:

حماس تتهم الرئيس بمماطلة تحقيق المصالحة لتمرير مشروع سياسي; فتح: حماس لا تريد الوحدة وتصريحات البردويل تضليلية; مصرع ماجد كتانه مدير وزارة الاعلام في نابلس بحادث سير ذاتي قرب طولكرم; أبو ردينة: الاحتفال بـ"ضم القدس" مخالفة لقرار مجلس الأمن الأخير; عقيد متقاعد بجيش الاحتلال يقتحم المسجد القبلي;.......

video and photo - lights Aurora South

Hamas accuses President procrastination of reconciliation to pass a draft political; opening: Hamas does not want the Unit and the statements of Al-Bardawil misleading; dead Majed كتانه, director of the Ministry of Information in Nablus in a traffic accident near self-Tulkarem; Abu Rudeina: commemoration of "annexation of Jerusalem" contrary to the recent Security Council resolution; a retired colonel in the occupation army breaks into the mosque tribal; ....

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Potassium cyanide

Cyanide Forensic Probe Ends External link

Source country newera Monday, May 22, 2017 7:31:00 PM CEST | info [other]

Trigger words: [Potassiumcyanide] potassium cyanide[1];

Other categories: Cyanide; Toxic;

By Surihe Gaomas UIS Scientists and police who have been probing the case of the lethal chemical, cyanide, completed their three-day intensive investigations over the weekend. Confirming this to New Era on Saturday, the head of Forensics in Windhoek Dr Paul Ludick said all the cyanide components.......

印刷游于艺(一)·蓝与白·晒出大自然的生命 External link

Source country sinchew Monday, May 22, 2017 1:29:00 AM CEST | info English text... [en] [other]

Trigger words: [Potassiumcyanide] 氰化钾[2];

Other categories:

近来热门的印刷艺术,要数“洛阳印务局”(The Royal Press)的工业转型艺术,他们把过气的印刷技术如活字印刷等转型为艺术工场,或更贴切的说是印刷文物馆。 时代更迭,要把淘汰的印刷技艺保留下来,就得将它们从工业用途上转换轨道,变成艺术用途。 这一种做法不是最新进、最独特的,却能延缓古旧的印刷技术走入历史。日星铸字行,把被留下的铅字当作文艺品、印章卖出,得以勉强维生,但最近也开始传出经营不了要关闭的消息。 在活字印刷之外,其实还有很多印刷技术因为逐渐式微而变换轨道,走上艺术制作。这一期【周刊专题】将介绍蓝晒、平版印刷、蚀刻、Risograph等各种旧式的影印技术,看它们如何华丽转身,登上艺.......

The printing of Arts (a) Blue and white · · of the nature of the life

The recent hot printing art to "Luoyang printer" (The Royal Press) of the industrial transformation in arts, the gas in the printing technologies such as movable type printing, restructuring of the Arts Workshop, or more appropriate for the printing museum.

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União perfeita - Aprenda a preparar uma mistura incrível de cookie e brownie External link

Source country bonde Monday, May 29, 2017 11:55:00 PM CEST | info English text... [en] [other]

Trigger words: [Sodium] sódio[2];

Other categories: Food Contact Material;

2 ovos; 75g de açúcar mascavo (1/2 xícara); 75g de açúcar cristal (1/2 xícara); 100g de manteiga derretida (7 colheres de sopa); 100g de chocolate meio amargo derretido; 1 colher (de chá) de essência de baunilha; 125g de farinha de trigo (1 xícara e 1/4); 1 colher (de chá) de bicarbonato de sódio; ½.......

Perfect union - learns to prepare a mixture incredible cookie and brownie

2 eggs; 75g of sugar (1/2 xícara mascavo); 75g of crystal sugar (1/2 xícara); 100 g of butter melted (7 spoons soup); 100g chocolate means bitter thawed; 1 reap (tea) vanilla essence; 125 g wheat flour (1 xícara and 1/4); 1 reap () of sodium bicarbonate; ½....

Dia a dia Sobe para 32 o número de municípios afetados pela cheia no AM 1 External link

Source country emtempo Monday, May 29, 2017 11:41:00 PM CEST | info English text... [en] [other]

Trigger words: [Sodium] sódio[1];

Other categories: Medicinal Products;

Mais dois municípios decretaram situação de emergência por conta da enchente no Amazonas . Manaquiri e Parintins fazem parte do levantamento que aponta, no total, 32 cidades que apresentaram anormalidade devido à subida dos rios no Amazonas. A Defesa Civil do Amazonas está na segunda fase de atendimento em execução no Estado....

Day rises to 32 the number of arrondissements afetados by opinion-soliciting AM 1

Two more municipalities declared emergency on behalf of the flood in the amazon. Manaquiri Parintins and are part of the removal points in total, 32 cities submitted abnormality due to rising rivers in the amazon. The Civil defence is in the second phase of the amazon call in implementation in the state.

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